Deliver True Business Impact With Strategic HR

Ensuring accuracy and consistency of data, giving you a complete organisational view and offering proactive business advice

A single-source of the truth

Quickly and easily quantify the value HR delivers by cross-analysing HR and business metrics. Highlight the relationships between investment in people, processes and business outcomes with CoreHR Analytics.

Using CoreHR’s dynamic and visually strong storyboard, combine multiple reports from one single, unified data source for HR teams and managers to accurately analyse staffing costs; from overtime, hire rates and skills gaps to compliance.

Proactively tackle problem areas with pre-programed intelligent alerts via iCues to instantly communicate the point at which a HR business goal or key metric is about to be reached or breached.

Integer’s HR reporting time is now 24 times faster – reduced from 4hrs to 10 minutes

Key Benefits

  • Reduce administration time compiling reports
  • Reports are instantly updated for accuracy
  • iCue alerts proactively guides managers to achieve key business goals
  • In-application reporting across the entire employee lifecycle
  • Empowers informed decisions to achieve company goals

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