HR Trends for 2020

Feb 20, 2020

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With the new decade well and truly under way, we take a look at 7 key HR trends that will be shaping the future of your workplace.

A Culture Where Employees Thrive

Taking its lead from the focus of mental health and wellness in today’s society, employers will be more conscious of developing working environments which are based on a culture of gratitude, kindness and psychological safety. As millennials continue to bring a wave of change to organisations, Generation Z are joining the workforce. These two generations combined are driving a greater demand for positive and supportive company cultures than any generation before them.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Australian bush fires, David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and Greta Thunberg have heightened our recognition of our own responsibility to look after the world and those around us. As such, organisations will be under increasing pressure to provide the means for employees to undertake “meaningful work” as a part of their employment to off-set carbon emissions or help those in need. Companies who take corporate social responsibility seriously and help employees to make a world a better place will not only be in high demand, but it is anticipated their staff retention rates will also improve as seen in Forbes’ 8 HR Predictions For 2020.

Shared Accountability

It may seem that the workforce is going to get increasingly demanding – this may be true, but with it comes the understanding that in return employees will want to take a more active role in sharing accountability for engagement and productivity at work. Whilst employers will need to create empowering and engaging places of work, employees in turn will be more willing and ready to help colleagues and business leaders achieve their goals.

HR Analytics

Data and analytics will become increasingly important in an HR professional’s role. Whether used to identify reasons for high attrition rates or to more accurately predict manpower needs for seasonal workers, HR insights will be critical to business success and overall profitability. Many businesses selling goods or services have removed as much cost from their products as possible and are now looking to other areas of the business to contribute the bottom line. Without reliable, accurate data the ability of an HR team to play their part will be ever more difficult.

Virtual Reality & HR

Virtual Reality holds the key to improve a number of HR functions from recruitment and onboarding to learning and development. The British Army already uses VR to attract recruits by giving individuals a more immersive experience of the training they will receive, but it also has many more uses. Employers can deploy tailored VR experiences to screen and fast track applicants by testing practical skills as well as simulating real-life experiences for on-the-job training or onboarding staff. VR gives employers the opportunity to offer equal access to the same level of training across multiple regions, ideal for offices with remote-working employees.

Humans & Robots in Harmony

AI and robotics will not make humans obsolete, but their role will change within organisations. This article looks at increased task automation, AI and how we can use tech in the HR world. Rather than spending time on administrative, low-value work employees will be involved in more high value tasks which help meet the strategic goals of the business. Working alongside robots, humans will use technology to their advantage and the soft skills that make us human will be much more in demand.

Security Under the Spotlight

With the constant evolution of technology, businesses will need to place a stronger emphasis on privacy and security measures. Privacy and security are some of the top concerns for people as they engage with technology in their daily lives, this unease is now finding its way into the workplace due to the amount of personal data an employer holds. Organisations need to address these fears and put adequate security measures in place – especially with the prevalent rise of successful cyber attacks.

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