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Thank You Social Media: 5 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn to Attract Top Talent

Wouldn’t it be nice if you rarely had to apply for a job?

All you’d have to do is keep your profile and career details updated on LinkedIn and you’d have interested recruiters knocking on your digital door.

When an opportunity arises, recruiters are already “linked in” and know who to call for an interview. Sounds simple. But is it ever really that easy—for the candidate or for the recruiter?

LinkedIn is the biggest and most relevant recruitment tool available right now. With 365 million members worldwide, it provides a real opportunity to tap into a global workforce.

Why should location matter when you’re recruiting the best talent? New York, Hong Kong, or Sydney…with LinkedIn the world is an interconnected pool of talent. Connect with top talent and start a conversation.

Recruiters have thousands of profiles at their fingertips—which sounds great but where do you start?

Read our five step guide to using LinkedIn to attract the best talent!


1. Embrace quality content to make sure your company profile stands out


The key to being an excellent recruiter is to have a solid brand, and that means providing quality content.

A great LinkedIn profile should clearly say who you are and what you stand for: you’re a savvy employer who will open doors for the right candidate. Use your profile to tell employee success stories. Post job-hunting tips to LinkedIn Pulse, share great articles on your profile, and really establish yourself as an industry leader.

If you post open jobs to your profile, always make sure you keep your posts fresh. Delete them when jobs are filled so you don’t look unprofessional and waste peoples’ time advertising jobs that are already gone.

As much as recruitment is about finding great talent, it’s also about attracting talent. A great profile with plenty of top-class content means candidates will be scrambling to add you.


2. Align your LinkedIn use with your other social media platforms too


CoreHR’s latest talent management survey revealed that almost four out of five recruiters use LinkedIn. Around half of recruiters use Twitter and Facebook to help find the best job candidates too.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool, and we’re massive advocates for it, but it’s no longer just about maximising the reach of your job search. It’s also about building your company’s brand as a highly desirable place to work so you attract the best talent in an increasingly competitive market.

While LinkedIn should be your main platform, your Twitter or Instagram or Facebook should also be a professional hub for your brand to display your company’s knowledge, culture, and personality.


3. Use LinkedIn’s search to find the best of the best


LinkedIn users are smart: they keep their profiles updated with projects, links, and great work. They’re also making sure their descriptions and headlines really display who they are.

LinkedIn’s search bar is a powerful tool. Enter a phrase and LinkedIn will return a whole bunch of profiles that fit the bill. Make contact and you’ve bridged the first gap for finding great talent.

Many professionals who fancy a career change use phrases like ‘Seeking new opportunities’ in their headlines to attract recruiters so use phrases like that in your search.


4. Find top candidates through Pulse or Groups


LinkedIn, Pulse and Groups are a great way to find candidates. Many potential candidates are penning blogs and articles and posting them to Pulse. Search for relevant content on Pulse and check out the profile of anyone who catches your eye. Just be sure to avoid posts with lots of hits, as they’re usually written by established business people.

Same goes for Groups. Check out Groups for professionals and scope out the active posters. Many of them are involved in Groups to build their brand because they’re looking for work or a new career path.


5. Integrate recruitment software into the process


Recruiting is a lot of work without a seamless interface between your HR software and social media. This is where CoreHR’s recruitment software comes in. CoreTalent fully integrates with LinkedIn and allows an applicant to apply for a job and use information from their LinkedIn Profile rather than attaching a CV or filling out questionnaires. This provides a faster yet reliable application process for the user and provides an automated, real-time interface as a standard feature.

When applicants apply directly for jobs using their LinkedIn profile, they give permission to use their data. From then on, it’s a bit like having an everlasting and constantly updated job application on file. The flipside is that employers have a talent pool of applicants and internal employees at their fingertips. Useful, right?

Follow our five steps and your job is about to get easier as you’ll soon have brilliant candidates queuing up to get in touch. Utilise the full power of LinkedIn with CoreHR’s Recruitment Solution.


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