February 12.2018, 11.56pm

Celebrating Leaders As The Drivers of Transformational Change

Pictured Above: Sharon Looney, CHRO at CoreHR.


I’m honoured that on Thursday I’m set to be named as one of 100 Top HR Tech Minds in the Global HR Excellence awards at the 26th annual World HRD Congress. For me, it’s a really nice opportunity to pause for a moment of reflection.


Enabling people to achieve their full potential is something I’ve always wanted to do. From my time working in the Asia PAC region to back here in Ireland and also the UK, I’ve seen the increasingly central role people play in enabling every business to come to life.


Particularly in my international roles, and most recently through my work at CoreHR, I’ve experienced leading some truly ground-breaking and transformational global HR initiatives. What I’ve learned through it all is that no matter what culture, country or creed a person comes from; people are people. They want to flourish, succeed and bring a sense of purpose to their work.


Through-out my career I’ve been immensely passionate about helping people as individuals lead fulfilling, successful careers. But what I’ve been particularly interested in is how to unleash people’s potential and performance through the leaders they work most closely with. That’s what I’ll also be sharing with the HR community this week when I speak at the event on the importance of empowering leaders in transformation projects.


Leaders – be they of individual teams, departments or organisations as a whole – are critical for creating a culture of openness, collaboration and engagement, so it’s so important we support them in that role. It’s clear to me that empowering leaders to be culture makers is the only way to drive an organisation forward. They play a pivotal part in making the whole culture of opening ourselves up to feedback, enabling action and supporting progression possible.


In the context of some of the broader trends we’re seeing – using smarter HR technology, while also keeping a focus on talent development by empowering leaders, is what will help HR leaders win in the face of trends, such as the gig economy and rise of remote working, that are fundamentally affecting how we work and communicate.


If you’d like to hear more – and are attending the event – please join me from 4.00pm-4.30pm at the Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai to hear more about the topic of “HR’s Golden Triangle in Leading Large-Scale Transformation”. I look forward to seeing you there!


Congratulations from all at CoreHR Sharon! We wish you well at the World HRD Summit! To keep up to date with Sharon and all the Speakers at the world HRD Summit, you can follow all the updates here.


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