March 22.2019, 9.00am

CoreHR bolsters its ranks with the addition of two industry titans

At CoreHR we’re always on the lookout for outstanding talent. We recently welcomed two senior industry leaders into our team, Roisin Corrigan, who joins as our Director of Sales for Mid-Market, and James Ronksley who will take up the position of Director of Enterprise Sales.

Here they share their thoughts on how to drive people powered success within an organisation and what they’re hoping to achieve as they start their journey with CoreHR.


Roisin Corrigan

Joining an organisation at the forefront of transforming the HR sector and leading the charge in spearheading game-changing HR capabilities is truly exciting.

With more than 21 years’ experience driving sales for organisations such as Oracle and Salesforce, as well as being the recent winner of ‘European Sales Director’ at the Women in Sales Awards, I can say that I am someone who is truly passionate about being in a workplace where every person is empowered to succeed.

From my experience, having access to the senior team can provide instrumental learnings and be an excellent resource for others to gain insights from.

This is why CoreHR was an attractive proposition for me, focusing on using smarter HR technologies to build the capabilities of talent no matter their position or experience. Placing employees at the heart everything is what makes CoreHR stand out from other players in the industry.

In terms of the best approach, I am a strong advocate of a leadership team always being approachable and having a direct relationship with every employee. For me, the people I work with, and for, are everything. Being able to connect with each individual on a personal level ensures I can unequivocally understand their concerns and makes the process of working together through the highs and lows to achieve our common goals all that much easier and enjoyable.

As the company goes through a period of expansion, I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and working with my new team to help make CoreHR truly remarkable.

James Ronksley

Having worked in various leadership positions at several national organisations, most recently at Oracle, I am someone who is truly passionate about empowering those around me to succeed to the best of their capabilities. I relish and thrive when posed with challenges and turning these into opportunities is something I have done consistently throughout my career.

Joining CoreHR which is revolutionising operations with their pioneering HR initiatives and which is regarded as a significant disruptor in the industry seemed like a natural fit for me.

What really struck me about CoreHR is the belief that people are a business’ greatest asset. This is engrained throughout the business and is vindicated through its strong set of values and commitments towards investing in its own people.

Personally, I feel really passionate about the fact that effective employee engagement should be at the centre of any business which is looking to prosper. Enticing talent to an organisation isn’t just about financial incentives anymore; it’s about giving employees the right tools, to enable them to perform to their best capabilities and, crucially, lead to sustainable success.

This is where I think CoreHR is miles ahead of the rest as its philosophy is embedded in ensuring that technology is used as an enabler for people to flourish. Creating a positive working culture becomes significantly easier when technology is put in place to understand the needs and wants of the workforce and providing a platform that is able to deliver as such.

As CoreHR continues to evolve, I look forward to being able to make a difference as a senior leader within the business. There is an excellent culture of success that has already been established here, and I am looking to use my experience to help us grow to be even better than we are today.


It’s great to have both Roisin and James onboard the CoreHR team to help drive us forward. We’re sure that both will have a terrific impact and we can’t wait to see what they get up to.

Deirdre PluckBy Deirdre Pluck

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