February 07.2019, 2.00pm

Focusing on culture to supercharge a winning team

This month, we’ve got our fingers crossed!

On February 15th, the CIPD Ireland HR Awards will see the best and brightest from across the industry gather to celebrate the hugely significant role HR plays in enhancing working lives and creating better workplaces.

It’s always an exciting opportunity to hear first-hand about the many inspirational initiatives happening at the forefront of HR. However, this year it’s especially important for us at CoreHR. We’re nominated, amongst some of the industry’s finest, for the ‘Excellence in HR Leadership’ award!

This award highlights the strategic approach HR can take in creating quantifiable contributions to organisational achievements. Personally, this is something I am truly passionate about. People create all value within a business, so it only makes sense that when people’s needs are met, and they’re given the tools and direction to succeed, that they become capable of doing something really remarkable.

At CoreHR, this is precisely what we strive for every day. Our strong set of cultural values guide the way for both employee and customer success. But creating a united, winning team doesn’t happen overnight.

Reflecting on CoreHR’s own journey of focusing on accelerating performance by fundamentally transforming our culture is also, in part, the basis for my talk and second award nomination this month at the World HRD Congress in India – an annual gathering of over 2000 HR professionals from across the globe.

Using my model for HR-led transformational business – HR’s Golden Triangle – as a guide, we handed the ownership of developing our new culture entirely over to our employees. I believe that empowering every person at CoreHR to fully own our high-performance culture is the only way to fully invest us all with a strong sense of purpose, unity and the capability to drive outstanding results.

Over the past 18 months, the leadership team and I worked very closely with a group of volunteers from across the business, our culture champions, to develop our new set of values and bring them to life. At every stage, from kick-off to designing the accompanying iconography, they took the lead in ensuring all employees’ opinions and voices resonated, and everyone had a say in defining the new CoreHR.

Unveiled last summer, our new collective values and associated behaviours now inform every aspect of our working lives and ultimately how our customers benefit. There isn’t one member of the team who can’t name all five:

1. One Team, One Vision – Move forward together with a united purpose

2. Enhance Lives – Contribute, learn, grow, give back

3. Committed To Greatness – Delivering excellence to our customers

4. Individually Accountable, Collectively Successful – Bringing pride to what we do

5. #CoreSelf #CoreUnited – Creating positive energy at work

With an increase in customer satisfaction to 95%, and a growing number of leading UK and international brands adopting CoreHR the results speak for themselves. However, the best part is that our journey is only just beginning. I can’t wait to hear the results of the awards, but either way, I’m immensely proud of what we’ve collectively achieved at CoreHR. We really are a united, winning team.

Sharon LooneyBy Sharon Looney