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3 Eggcellent Ideas to Increase Employee Morale at Easter

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

This famous quip from management consultant, Peter Drucker, tells it like it really is: if a company doesn’t have the right culture, it will struggle to deliver on its strategy.

As an HR professional, you already know that the employees in your organisation are the culture, so it’s important that every attempt is made to ensure that morale is high and your people are engaged.

Yet many companies have real difficulty aligning their culture to support their business goals, with only 13% of workers worldwide engaged by their work. Gulp!

We’ve all worked with these disengaged employees. They hate going to work, may treat customers badly and spread negativity and discontent among colleagues. In contrast, engaged workers are a breath of fresh air. They are more honest, profitable, productive and customer-focused. But how do you positively influence employee engagement? By boosting morale, of course.

A delicious Easter egg won’t turn a disgruntled employee into a bundle of workplace joy, but it is certainly a good place to start. Here are a few more ideas:


Implement an eggciting employee wellness program


What better way to shed all that extra chocolate than an employee wellness program?

Coordinating a running club can be a great way to start and will help build relationships between teams and create a collaborative culture. Even better, follow it up by participating in a race to raise money for charity – a win-win scenario!

The purpose is to keep employees happy and healthy. After all, happy employees are productive employees. Usually, wellness programs involve several strands – targeting areas such as smoking cessation, health promotion/screening and exercise and weight management programmes.

Smart HR technology can improve health and wellbeing programmes by measuring goals and increasing engagement and participation.


Have a social media eggstravaganza


Not all business will have a bottomless budget but fun seasonal activities can make a big impression without breaking the bank!

Easter-themed activities are an opportune way to help make your corporate culture more inclusive and enjoyable. An office Easter hunt, cake sale, themed games – there are lots of things you can do, but why not do something digital?

An online Easter egg hunt could be devised by your marketing department, with pictures and results posted on social media accounts– improving digital engagement from employees as well as boosting your employer brand.

Most HR professionals are already comfortable using social media to recruit but new studies show it is becoming increasing more valuable for HR in other areas too. Just as social media has allowed marketing to become more customer centric, it is now helping HR departments become more employee centric.


Offer eggtraordinary (or flexible) benefits


Looking for inspiration on what kind of benefits would appeal to your employees? Ask them. You will get even more kudos for consulting and involving your employees in the process. Or go one better, and offer them a choice.

Flexi-benefits provides organisations with a key differentiator when attracting top talent to join the business whilst also keeping current employees engaged! The types of benefits on offer depend on the business but often include extra holidays, health insurance, dental plans, plus much more.

Using CoreHR technology employees can choose what benefits suit their lifestyle with a few simple clicks, allowing them to truly enjoy the benefits without having to pester HR and submit tonnes of paperwork!


That’s all yolks – no more egg puns. Happy Easter!


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