July 04.2018, 11.05am

Setting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title: All in a day’s work at CoreHR!

Dean Forbes, CEO, CoreHR


What did you do at your last whole company meeting? Maybe listen to some speeches, participate in a workshop or even try out a few daring trust exercises?

Annual general meetings are an important mechanism for coming together, sharing updates and celebrating success but let’s be honest, the activities can be a little routine. At CoreHR, we’re constantly looking to embrace new thinking and challenge convention – so instead, we’ll be spending our next meeting setting a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title.

285 of us will come together on 9th July to attempt to secure a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement for the ‘Largest human representation of a URL/URI’[1]. Together we will spell out www.corehr.com in the stunning grounds of The Europe Hotel in beautiful Killarney, Co.Kerry.

It’s a key part of who we are at CoreHR to make sure we’re constantly moving forward, collectively and with a united purpose. Team work lies at the heart of everything we do. By attempting this new record, we’ll be trying to achieve something truly remarkable together. Every member of the CoreHR team is brilliant, but setting this new record goes to show that as a whole we’re outstanding!

As we all know at CoreHR through the fantastic results many of our customers have seen using our smarter HR technology solutions, a motivated workforce makes all the difference to your performance. Unleashing people power is our calling, and naturally that starts within our own organisation. According to our own recently launched Smart Talent Expects report, over three quarters of high achievers say it’s important that their work has meaning and impact.

Whether we’re successful at the attempt or not, we’re committed to greatness. Our effort stands for the pride that we take in everything we do, our willingness to embrace new challenges whole-heartedly and our passion for enabling positive change.

Let’s not forget – it will also be really fun! Kicking off our new financial year, the attempt sets the perfect tone for the 12 months ahead and gives us the opportunity to celebrate all our successes over the past year.

With our attempt at a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title, we will come together to achieve something truly ambitious. The CoreHR team will earn its own small piece of history and, of course, we’ll have an incredible photo and memory for the company album.

Good luck to the entire team, and don’t forget to follow our attempt on 9th July on Twitter at @CoreHR – follow the hashtag #CoreUnited

[1] A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is a string of characters that specifically identify an online resource – URI’s include Uniform Resource Names (URNs) and Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)



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