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January 19.2017, 5:42pm

Empower and Engage: 5 Things HR Can Do to Improve the Employee Experience

Experience is essentially a series of moments that form positive, neutral or negative memories. Each moment leaves a lasting impression on our mind, dictating whether our overall experience is a good or bad one. Of course, people don’t see life as a series of checks and balances. One horrible experience can wash away months of...

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January 13.2017, 10:55am

Gender Pay Gap Reporting: Everything You Need to Know

While the men of Europe were fighting in World War I, the battle lines for a different struggle were being drawn at home in the UK. Women took on the jobs of men who were fighting overseas but found that they were expected to do the same jobs for less pay. The first equal pay strikes took...

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January 03.2017, 3:33pm

January Blues: 4 Ways to Keep Your Workforce Motivated and Engaged After the Holiday Season

The party season has ended and everybody is feeling the pinch after the big Christmas splurge. It can be hard to get back into a routine and some employees might even be suffering from a case of the January blues! The start of a New Year also leads to an increase in the amount of leavers...

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December 29.2016, 12:14pm

Future of Work: 6 Trends HR Leaders Can’t Ignore in 2017

It seems that organisations have finally realised the full potential of HR technology in 2016. Modern HR departments are using it to provide analytics, strategic direction and people management. Yet one of the biggest challenges is to embrace disruptive tools while also helping your pool of talent to make a seamless transition into this new...

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December 13.2016, 2:39pm

Dear Santa: 6 Things Every HR Leader Wants for Christmas this Year!

It’s that time of year again – everyone is getting excited about Christmas and as most of the business is preparing to wind down before the Holidays, spare a thought for the HR department who are busier than ever trying to avoid all the problems brought on by the holiday season! So in the spirit...

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December 08.2016, 10:14am

The Generation Game: How to Manage People from Different Generations

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it” – or so said George Orwell. Intergenerational distrust or antipathy is as old as time itself. Yet this issue has come into sharp focus as demographic shifts in the workplace bring...

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December 01.2016, 9:00am

The HR Nightmare Before Christmas: 5 Rostering Problems That Happen Over the Holiday Season

Don’t be surprised if rostering around Christmas incites some pretty unseasonable sentiments – even Scrooge-like mutterings of discontent. But unlike Dickens’ curmudgeonly character, retail managers have an excuse for getting a bit tetchy at Yuletide when drawing up rosters. It’s not that there are new particularly Christmassy problems. But the old ones seem to multiply...

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November 23.2016, 11:08am

Time to Change: How Organisations Can Get Better at Diversity and Inclusion in 2017

Diversity is no longer just a compliance area for HR – it’s now on the priority agenda for 2017 along with succession planning and employee engagement. Decades of academic research has proven that socially diverse teams perform better and are more innovative than their homogeneous counterparts so why has the uptake been so slow? “Diversity...

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November 17.2016, 11:42am

Data Security: What Every HR Leader Needs to Know

The very mention of data security can make even C-Level executives feel uncomfortable. You can’t turn on the news without hearing about a security breach somewhere – even some of the biggest organisations in the world have been hacked in 2016. Data is the lifeblood of any business. Protecting the private data of employees and...

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