May 02.2018, 10:32am

6 Questions You Should Be Asking About GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to revolutionise the way that organisations process personal data so businesses need to be ready for the May 25th deadline. Of course, HR departments are at the forefront when it comes to collecting, retaining and processing personal employee data. The introduction of GDPR will require HR leaders to...

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December 14.2017, 4:17pm

Your 4 Key Steps to GDPR Compliance

What does GDPR mean for your organisation? Every business collects data. Most commonly, the purpose of this data collection is for sales, marketing or HR purposes. It seems shocking then, that to this date, data collection across the EU has largely been unregulated. GDPR is a new European regulation designed to give individuals power over...

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