Gender Pay Gap

January 13.2017, 10:55am

Gender Pay Gap Reporting: Everything You Need to Know

While the men of Europe were fighting in World War I, the battle lines for a different struggle were being drawn at home in the UK. Women took on the jobs of men who were fighting overseas but found that they were expected to do the same jobs for less pay. The first equal pay strikes took...

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November 23.2016, 11:08am

Time to Change: How Organisations Can Get Better at Diversity and Inclusion in 2017

Diversity is no longer just a compliance area for HR – it’s now on the priority agenda for 2017 along with succession planning and employee engagement. Decades of academic research has proven that socially diverse teams perform better and are more innovative than their homogeneous counterparts so why has the uptake been so slow? “Diversity...

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January 28.2016, 3:25pm

Diversity in the Workplace: Why It’s Important and How It Actually Makes Us Smarter

Vive la différence! The French have long celebrated diversity and rightly so. Research shows that groups with racial, ethnic, gender and sexual orientation diversity are more innovative than homogeneous groups. Not only do diverse groups ignite creativity and innovation but also, la différence can even help boost profits. In fact, companies that embrace diversity are 45% more likely...

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