Financial Services

October 05.2016, 8:25am

The Importance of Succession Planning in the Financial Services Sector

Succession planning may be a popular topic in HR conversations but it’s far from a new science. Back when kings and queens ruled the land, poor succession planning could plunge countries into civil war. Succession was very much a game of “last man standing” in those times. Succession planning tends to be less confrontational these...

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August 17.2016, 7:52am

[INFOGRAPHIC] Making The Case for Separate HR and Finance Systems

The Swiss army knife has an iconic design but the name has also become shorthand for multi-functionality. Marketing campaigns routinely refer to their product as the “Swiss army knife” of everything from iPhone cases to cars. It’s easy to admire this classic tool’s versatility but that doesn’t mean that you’d use it to make sushi....

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November 25.2015, 3:57pm

FinTech: 3 Reasons Financial Services Companies Should Embrace the Cloud

Are you examining your IT infrastructure and considering a move to the Cloud? If not, you fall into one of two categories – those who have already made the move and those who really should be considering the move. Over the past few years the move to the cloud has gathered significant pace and Gartner predicts...

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September 02.2015, 4:10pm

Post-Crash: 6 ways HR Technology is Making a Difference in the Financial Services Sector

The Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2012 destroyed businesses and property values, wiped out trillions worth of wealth and precipitated the Eurozone’s ongoing sovereign debt crisis. Little wonder the way financial services operate changed fundamentally as a result. Companies in the financial services sector now face the challenge of how to thrive in the post-crash paradigm...

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