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April 11.2019, 9:00am

3 Reasons Why UK Gender Pay Reporting is in the Spotlight

Two hundred years from now, men and women will have equal pay. It’s a stark finding from the World Economic Forum (WEF), and it raises the discussion that despite all the tremendous progress that has been made in closing the gender pay gap, the uphill trek is likely far from being over. The UK is...

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April 02.2019, 8:30am

6 UK year-end payroll changes you need to know about for 2019

If there’s one certainty in the UK nowadays, it’s that the year’s payroll ends in early April. The 2018/2019 tax year finishes on 5 April 2019 and the new 2019/2020 tax year will start on 6 April 2019, but that’s not the only change that HR teams will have on their plate. A host of...

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January 26.2018, 10:37am

Implementing a New HRIS System: 7 Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Every industry is driven by digital transformation and HR is no different, with a new wave of brilliant HRIS systems making big impacts on companies around the world. HRIS systems are beneficial for three main reasons: Self-service: Empowered employees are those who feel they have more control over their daily life – and their work/life...

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January 17.2018, 9:11am

Worried About Security: Your Cloud Payroll Concerns Answered!

For HR and Payroll professionals the concept of ‘moving to the cloud’ is far from new. For several years now you’ve been hearing all about the advantages of cloud-based systems over on-premise ones. And the move from on-premise to the cloud has gone from a trickle to a torrent in recent years. The HR Software BuyerView...

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November 23.2016, 11:08am

Time to Change: How Organisations Can Get Better at Diversity and Inclusion in 2017

Diversity is no longer just a compliance area for HR – it’s now on the priority agenda for 2017 along with succession planning and employee engagement. Decades of academic research has proven that socially diverse teams perform better and are more innovative than their homogeneous counterparts so why has the uptake been so slow? “Diversity...

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September 14.2016, 2:29pm

Approach with Caution: How to Avoid Payroll Compliance Disasters

Payroll may seem like a relatively recent concept but clay tablets were used to track payroll as far back as 3000BC. The concept of payroll may have been in its infancy in those days but people were already using tools to achieve the best results. The need to track and record services rendered is a...

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June 24.2016, 7:34pm

Dawn of a New Day: What Does Brexit Mean for HR?

So Brexit has happened. The nation woke up on Friday to the dawn of a new political era, blinking in the daylight and trying to imagine what’s next. Regardless of which side you supported, the new reality is set to bring in sweeping changes to life in Great Britain. Change is likely to be staggered,...

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April 20.2016, 2:02pm

Bye, Bye Spreadsheets: The 4 Wonders of Global Payroll

It may be hard to believe, but spreadsheets are still being used to manage global payroll! Yes, you read that right! Payroll used to be pretty straightforward – all you had to do was pay people on time. A spreadsheet is cutting edge technology when that’s your only objective. But payroll departments now deal with everything...

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January 21.2016, 3:28pm

National Living Wage: 5 Key Things You Need to Consider Before April

This April, the National Living Wage (NLW) will mean all staff over 25 must be paid at least £7.20 per hour – an increase of 50 pence on the current minimum wage of £6.70 (for non-apprentices under 21). That’s a significant rise of 7.5% in a time when consumer prices are pretty static and there’s a...

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