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December 04.2018, 10:24am

Hospitality and engagement: Treating employees like customers is the key to success

The word hospitality originally comes from the Latin word “hospes,” which can mean both “host” and “guest.” That might seem confusing but the host and guest experience are simply two sides of the same coin in the hospitality industry. To get good customers, you need good employees. To attract and retain good employees, you need...

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September 08.2016, 9:14am

HR and Hospitality: How to Hang on to Your Star Players

Imagine a third of your bank balance just disappeared every 12 months. You’d obviously be annoyed but you’d try to do something about it at the very least. Employee turnover in the hospitality industry is as high as 31% yet it’s met with a relative acceptance by many industry leaders. That’s a lot of experience...

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