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September 28.2016, 8:10am

Expect the Unexpected: How to Effectively Manage Change in Your Organisation

Anyone who’s ever used a cooler to keep drinks cold will know that the ice eventually melts and changes into water. A curious quirk of science is that the water in the cooler will stay at zero degrees until the very last piece of ice is melted. In many ways, a similar thing can happen...

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January 13.2016, 3:30pm

Don’t Get Left Behind: 5 Predictions for Cloud HCM Software in 2016

Last year was ‘the tipping point’ for moving HCM functions into the Cloud with more than half of purchased core systems now Cloud-based. This not only means that the rest are likely to follow but also that we are moving past the pioneering stage and into the consolidation and refinement stage of Cloud-based HCM. Concerns...

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September 23.2015, 4:06pm

Paper Timesheets, Legacy Systems, and Outsourcing – The Payroll Survey Results Revealed!

A new generation of payroll software has freed staff from much of the drudgery associated with older systems. But a relatively high number of companies have yet to embrace the payroll renaissance, according to a new survey of senior HR personnel by software specialist CoreHR. Modern payroll systems have analytics, self-service and mobile functionality automating...

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June 09.2015, 4:23pm

Lipstick On A Pig: Is It Time To Replace Your Legacy System?

Some things are impossible to dress up, so why are we all guilty of doing it? Is it a comfort thing, insecurity or it’s just too much hassle to change? Change is another influencer, we like change for the better but are less likely to go with it if there’s a risk involved. Risk is...

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