Wearable Technology

December 13.2016, 2:39pm

Dear Santa: 6 Things Every HR Leader Wants for Christmas this Year!

It’s that time of year again – everyone is getting excited about Christmas and as most of the business is preparing to wind down before the Holidays, spare a thought for the HR department who are busier than ever trying to avoid all the problems brought on by the holiday season! So in the spirit...

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October 14.2016, 9:39am

Mind and Body: Is Employee Wellbeing the Missing Piece of Your HR Jigsaw?

When you think of late 19th century workplaces, you think of industrial sweatshops and 12-hour workdays. It’s unlikely that Victorian factories had inspirational posters on the walls saying “A happy workforce is a productive workforce.” Yet there were still a few pioneers that embraced concepts like employee wellbeing back in the day. In the 1880s,...

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