National Living Wage

April 10.2017, 10:52am

5 Key Legislative Compliance Updates for Payroll to Remember in 2017

Brexit has become the elephant in the room for many organisations as we wait for updates on how the new deal will play out. It’s a necessary concern for big and small companies alike, not least in terms of how it will affect their payroll responsibilities. As we wait for the full implications to become...

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January 21.2016, 3:28pm

National Living Wage: 5 Key Things You Need to Consider Before April

This April, the National Living Wage (NLW) will mean all staff over 25 must be paid at least £7.20 per hour – an increase of 50 pence on the current minimum wage of £6.70 (for non-apprentices under 21). That’s a significant rise of 7.5% in a time when consumer prices are pretty static and there’s a...

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