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August 08.2018, 1:33pm

Stop the churn: 5 ways managers can avoid losing top talent

One of the key statistics to come out of the CoreHR Smart Talent Expects Report is that 77 percent of top talent want their work to have meaning and impact. That may seem like an obvious expectation yet many managers fail to address this simple truth and struggle with employee retention as a consequence. Many of us...

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June 27.2017, 11:15am

Brexit One Year Later: What Should HR Do Now?

One year on, it doesn’t seem like much has changed. Brexit hangs in the air like the ghost of referendums past but so much is still unclear as the negotiations between the UK and the EU finally get underway. Last year, we looked at the potential impact that Brexit would have on HR so its a...

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March 14.2017, 3:23pm

Leading The Way: How HR Can Help Managers Become Better Leaders

The famous Arthurian myth tells the story of a young man who pulls the sword Excalibur from a stone and goes on to become one of Britain’s greatest kings. There are lessons to be taken from this story in terms of developing your organisation’s leaders too. That’s not to say that you need to arm...

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February 02.2017, 9:06am

5 Challenges HR Leaders in Higher Education Are Facing in 2017

A higher education institution is only as good as the academic employees who carry out its core function of teaching. The rest of the workforce is ultimately there to facilitate this function – to do all the things required to cultivate a successful centre of learning. That’s the challenge for HR leaders in higher education....

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December 29.2016, 12:14pm

Future of Work: 6 Trends HR Leaders Can’t Ignore in 2017

It seems that organisations have finally realised the full potential of HR technology in 2016. Modern HR departments are using it to provide analytics, strategic direction and people management. Yet one of the biggest challenges is to embrace disruptive tools while also helping your pool of talent to make a seamless transition into this new...

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August 31.2016, 9:02am

Smells Like Team Spirit: The Rise of Collaboration in the Workplace

Evolution can be a funny old thing. It’s now believed that whales evolved from a land creature that looked a bit like a hyena. We’re not sure what convinced their ancient ancestors to take to the water but whales ended up being the biggest creatures on Earth. The moral of the story is that sometimes...

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July 27.2016, 5:00pm

It’s OK to Say What’s OK: Why You Should Be Open About Your Company Culture

It can be difficult to establish where a boundary lies until you’ve actually crossed it. Obviously, that’s not ideal if you’ve just started a new job and you want to make a good impression. Inbounding and inductions rarely offer an insight into one of the most important aspects of the workplace – the culture. There’s...

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July 19.2016, 4:12pm

People Power: How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

Whether you know about it or not, your employees are talking about your brand. In the real world with friends and family, and on social media to a global network of friends and strangers. In fact, according to a study by global PR firm Weber Shandwick, 50% of employees already share their opinions on their...

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June 29.2016, 10:03am

The HR Gardener: How to Grow Winning Teams in Your Organisation

If you think about it, gardening and HR are really not that different. No, we haven’t gone crazy, just bear with us! Take the tomato plant for an example, in order for it to bear fruit it needs certain factors: water, sunlight, soil and so on. Provide a reasonable combination of these things and a...

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