November 18.2018, 7:41pm

How HR can create big ROI on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have turned into the ultimate stress test for any retailer. Chaos on the shop floor, complicated rostering needs and a continuous stream of online sales require excellent planning and even better execution. Companies who pull it off will reap the rewards, as over £5 billion in sales is expected across...

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August 15.2018, 10:05am

5 ways demand based rostering will transform business efficiencies

If your employees are the lifeblood of your organisation, then the roster can be compared to the pulse. A strong pulse ensures that your employees are at the right place at the right time but a weak pulse can threaten to bring your organisation to its knees. The key to running a successful business is...

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January 16.2018, 9:31am

Rostering: 10 Questions You Need To Ask To Evaluate Your System

The dawn of a new year always brings opportunity to evaluate key areas of the operational approach we use to manage our workforce.  Our people, after all, are a very critical component to our success.  Their success impacts not only our company’s ability to reach goals, serves as a reflection of who we are as...

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December 04.2017, 6:15pm

15,000 Reasons Rostering Matters More Than You Think

Your rostering process isn’t just a periodic operational necessity; it has an incredible impact on your top and bottom line performance. Is that a stretch?  Well, consider that recently American Airlines’ rostering process somehow allowed multiple pilots to schedule holiday time during December and as a result, approximately 15,000 flights were left without a flight...

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September 24.2017, 8:20pm

Demand Based Rostering: How It’s Going To Revolutionize Your Business

What is demand based rostering?   In short, it’s 21st century rostering. Technology has bridged the gap between theory and practice. Modern businesses have unprecedented access to data and every aspect of a company can now be monitored and controlled using software. Predictive analytics allow employers to calculate how many staff they’ll need on any given...

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December 01.2016, 9:00am

The HR Nightmare Before Christmas: 5 Rostering Problems That Happen Over the Holiday Season

Don’t be surprised if rostering around Christmas incites some pretty unseasonable sentiments – even Scrooge-like mutterings of discontent. But unlike Dickens’ curmudgeonly character, retail managers have an excuse for getting a bit tetchy at Yuletide when drawing up rosters. It’s not that there are new particularly Christmassy problems. But the old ones seem to multiply...

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August 23.2016, 10:32am

Rostering in Retail: How HR Can Improve Efficiency and Increase Profits

Managers and leaders in the retail industry know that the customer is king and success is ultimately driven by creating the best customer experience possible. But they also know that there are myriad factors that go into delivering a world-class customer experience, each one of crucial importance – and each one coming with their own list...

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May 10.2016, 1:29pm

It’s Holiday Time: Top Tips for Managing the Hectic Summer Roster

The evenings are getting longer and temperatures are slowly rising (“too slowly,” we hear you cry). Shorts, sandals and flowery shirts are being dug from the dusty depths of winter wardrobes and minds are beginning to drift to beaches, cocktails and conga lines – summer is here at last! For most workers the thought of...

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December 01.2015, 3:47pm

HR Analytics, Automation and Leadership: 5 Key Takeaways from CoreHorizon 2015

This year we ran our largest ever customer-focused user conference over two days in the Marker Hotel, Dublin. The event saw the gathering of CoreHR customers – the most powerful minds in HR – from around the world to see the latest advancements in HR technology.

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