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April 12.2017, 10:18am

3 Eggcellent Ideas to Increase Employee Morale at Easter

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” This famous quip from management consultant, Peter Drucker, tells it like it really is: if a company doesn’t have the right culture, it will struggle to deliver on its strategy. As an HR professional, you already know that the employees in your organisation are the culture, so it’s important that...

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September 21.2016, 10:56am

Purpose Over Profit: What Matters Most to Your Millennial Workforce

Millennials – every organisation right now is on a mission to recruit and retain them – but what makes this generation so special and why are businesses bending over backwards to adjust their culture to suit and attract them? Well, millennials are a powerful generation with a skill set that supports most organisations objective to bring...

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July 19.2016, 4:12pm

People Power: How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

Whether you know about it or not, your employees are talking about your brand. In the real world with friends and family, and on social media to a global network of friends and strangers. In fact, according to a study by global PR firm Weber Shandwick, 50% of employees already share their opinions on their...

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July 12.2016, 12:20pm

9 Influential HR Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter

Here at CoreHR, we talk, tweet, blog, and post a lot about the latest trends in HR technology, everyday HR problems, and basically anything that’s going on in the HR world – all in the hope that we are helping make HR pros life that little bit easier. However, we are not the only ones...

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April 13.2015, 4:28pm

Talent Management, Home Working & Social Media – Three Hot HR Topics Revealed

Working from home, managing talent and checking candidates out online are the three hot HR topics, a new survey reveals. The survey by HR software specialist CoreHR shows that most recruiters check out a candidate’s digital footprint as part of the hiring process. The poll of 240 senior HR professionals also shows that managing talent...

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