Ted Talks

June 22.2017, 10:11am

Learn from the Best: 5 Ted Talks That Will Teach You Valuable Lessons About Leadership

There is no set formula or curriculum on how or even what makes great leaders so great. Some studies argue that you’re born with it and others say it comes from having a deep understanding of people and business strategy. However, often it is a skill that is self-taught. Not something you can read in...

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March 09.2016, 3:37pm

3 Ted-Talks Every HR Professional Should Watch (Part II)

Everyone loves TED Talks – the ideas forum that has inspired, and entertained, millions. And CoreHR and our blog-readers are no exception! Our blog 3 TED Talks Every HR Manager Should Watch proved one of our most popular ever. So we thought it was high time we compiled another! Here are three more thought-provoking TED...

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November 14.2015, 4:32pm

3 Ted Talks Every HR Manager Should Watch

Here at CoreHR, we are big fans of Ted talks. Around for 20 years, and as their tag line states, Ted Talks really do deliver ideas worth spreading. HR is a well-covered topic in the Ted Talk library. We’ve taken some time to cherry-pick our favourite three talks we think every HR manager should watch....

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