May 31.2018, 4:15pm

6 ways to transform your business with workforce management software

Digital disruption isn’t just about doing things better, faster and smarter. It’s about changing the way we think. Nowhere is this more evident than in business, where the introduction of workforce management software has revolutionised the way that modern organisations operate. Not only has it helped to streamline companies and make them more efficient, it’s...

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January 16.2018, 9:31am

Rostering: 10 Questions You Need To Ask To Evaluate Your System

The dawn of a new year always brings opportunity to evaluate key areas of the operational approach we use to manage our workforce.  Our people, after all, are a very critical component to our success.  Their success impacts not only our company’s ability to reach goals, serves as a reflection of who we are as...

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December 01.2016, 9:00am

The HR Nightmare Before Christmas: 5 Rostering Problems That Happen Over the Holiday Season

Don’t be surprised if rostering around Christmas incites some pretty unseasonable sentiments – even Scrooge-like mutterings of discontent. But unlike Dickens’ curmudgeonly character, retail managers have an excuse for getting a bit tetchy at Yuletide when drawing up rosters. It’s not that there are new particularly Christmassy problems. But the old ones seem to multiply...

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September 23.2015, 4:06pm

Paper Timesheets, Legacy Systems, and Outsourcing – The Payroll Survey Results Revealed!

A new generation of payroll software has freed staff from much of the drudgery associated with older systems. But a relatively high number of companies have yet to embrace the payroll renaissance, according to a new survey of senior HR personnel by software specialist CoreHR. Modern payroll systems have analytics, self-service and mobile functionality automating...

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July 27.2015, 4:17pm

[INFOGRAPHIC] Paper Timesheets Are a Waste of Time and We Absolutely Hate Them!

We don’t normally like to advocate hate so let’s just say we have a very strong aversion to paper timesheets! Don’t get us wrong, we are strong believers of keeping track of the time spent at work – it helps measure productivity, ensure deadlines are met and most importantly, helps us accurately calculate payroll. The...

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