This is the CoreHR XD platform

Built to work together

COMING SOON to the XD Platform

Designed to deliver superior Return On Investment and business outcomes, driven by HR.

CoreHR’s XD platform is uniquely positioned to enable you to master the multiple dimensions of HR, all through one unified HR platform.

A few of our favourite new capabilities:


Master the skills needed today, build the capabilities needed tomorrow

Consumer-grade Learn capabilities give managers and teams access to extensive training material. Sitting within the unified XD platform, the highly configurable Learn enables you to achieve a new dimension of alignment between the learning progress of your organisation and its long-term objectives.

Manage minimum training requirements while also promoting the learning materials necessary to evolve talent, in line with business strategy. Build guided learning paths with full accreditation and certification. Encourage self-directed learning and development with self-serve capabilities and role-based course allocation. Understand and report on the impact of learning progress and employee development on ROI, through interoperable modules in the unified XD platform.

Service Delivery

Master the day-to-day

A growing workforce with evolving needs and challenges routinely sees HR’s focus pulled from value-added tasks and activities. XD brings you a solid, enterprise-wide service delivery tool for employees to ask questions, log issues and access knowledge-based answers instantly – all via a consumer-grade, mobile experience.

Manage not just the volume created by routine queries, but the workflow associated with them. Master the inbound query process, devolve and automate responses and give HR back hours of valuable time.

Service delivery for HR should never be isolated from the other aspects of HR, which is why it exists now, right in the heart of the XD platform.


Master the impact and ROI of HR initiatives

XD Analytics guides HR activity to support strategic initiatives and showcases HR performance as a direct contributor to business objectives. It allows HR to draw a direct line between strategic initiatives and business outcomes.

Bring the HR conversation to the right level of strategic relevance. Use clear dashboard views to see overarching company initiatives. Demonstrate how HR initiatives are impacting and enabling multiple aspects of an organisation. Drill further into rich and accessible data to show how the HR function is delivering on goals at regional or site levels.

Also master low touch, high tech, data-driven actions with iCues. iCues turn XD data into meaningful, smart insights for managers that prompt recommended actions there and then. Receive nudges to get back on track with objectives. Managers can have hundreds of micro-interactions and make data-driven incremental improvements daily, across all locations, to drive an upward trend in company performance.

XD Hub

Master XD knowledge, connect and unlock targeted ROI

Focused on the agile needs of HR, the XD Hub is the extra dimension of the XD platform, allowing companies to connect and harness ROI capabilities.

The XD Hub unifies CoreHR users, building a highly accessible, collaborative space for shared best practice that helps organisations to see ROI and value quickly, by leaning on the expertise of those already excelling through the XD platform daily.

Self-serve knowledge at your pace, embrace and make changes quickly, learn focused tips that speak to your needs. This is the ultimate in self-service, so you can stay agile.

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Overcome your business challenges with a solution that delivers real value.

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Overcome your business challenges with a solution that delivers real value.

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