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During these uncertain times, supporting you is of the utmost importance to us. As the COVID-19 landscape continues to evolve, we will try to help you through this uncertainty. This includes providing you with information and services to assist your HR and Payroll teams, who are under ever-increasing pressure. The information here will continue to change on a daily basis and we recommend you regularly check-in to view the latest updates. Register here to receive regular updates to your mailbox.

COVID-19 latest news

‘It’s great to be working in partnership with a business that has the foresight and consideration for its customer
[during COVID19]

Large transport customer

How can we help?

Here at CoreHR, we are working hard at understanding what we can do to better support you. We are keenly aware that your HR and Payroll teams are under immense pressure and are at the front line of managing your business through these unprecedented times. In response to this we have emergency services available:

* Complimentary to New Customers

* Proactively Assess Talent Impact during Crisis

Know who can step in, when critical positions are hampered.


Assess back up talent plans, skills shortage and develop retention strategies for key positions as large proportion of the workforce is either impacted or is preparing for the impact of the outbreak in their organisations.


  • Is your critical talent spread too thin? Mitigate your risk using Talent Profile
  • Build contingency plans for key positions using succession and competency framework
  • Make smart decisions with intuitive reports and dashboards to translate talent data into business continuity strategy


* Think People First – Pulse Check and Feedback

How do your employees feel about remote working and dealing with uncertainty.


Now is the time to embrace agile and continuous listening. Ensure your employees feel heard and supported. Using XD Mobile app, you can get feedback fast and stay close to the pulse of your people.

  • Insightful and actionable approach to learn about employee sentiment
  • Demonstrate empathetic leadership with prompt announcements e.g. employee wellbeing and support notifications (available via mobile app)
  • Encourage employee recognition and shout outs to keep everyone motivated while working remotely
  • Promote dialogue and clarity of objectives using continuous feedback


* Covid-19 Tracker

Keep line of sight of your employees to ensure business continuity.


Is HR feeling the pressure to support new work realities of home working? We can help you take actionable steps to get a full view of severity of impacts on employees and your organisation.


  • Keep line of sight of your employee’s health with self-reporting tracker
  • Track employees who are working from home and ensure they are supported by technology
  • Ensure employees keep their contact information up to date (e.g. emergency contact, next of kin)
  • Review and update your HR policies (e.g. home working norms, health & safety, absence policy) and keep employees informed using Social Hub
  • Ensure you have the right level of employee support and business continuity as things evolve


* Document Management in digital space

Give employees the freedom to access records while working remotely.


Digitise employee files and ensure compliance and minimise risks through data integrity and availability.

This means all printed documents from employee’s master data are immediately available from a secure electronic document file.


  • Employees spend less time looking for files as they can easily get what they need fast
  • Store HR documents securely with restrictions to help control access to sensitive data
  • Compliant, accessible digital records all in one centralised place
  • Easy access to policy documents while working remotely
  • HR will spend less time on admin and focus on serving employees better


Emergency Payroll Services

De-risk your payroll and ensure a consistent, reliable back up plan.


Call on years of payroll experience when you need it most; available as a daily resource, our highly trained team are adept in managing both complex and bespoke requirements.


  • Delivering a stress-free short-term payroll cover to ensure the continuation of time critical payroll processing when faced with unexpected circumstances
  • Accurate, compliant and on time, every time; offering you the peace of mind to focus your time where it’s needed
  • We can also offer temporary project support resource
    CIPP & IPAS accredited Team
  • Steady 100% CSAT rating during Covid-19


Legislative Support

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (UK).


The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is a temporary scheme open to all UK employers for at least three months starting from 1st March 2020.

HMRC expect the scheme to be up and running by the end of April. It is designed to support employers whose operations have been severely affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Employers can use a portal to claim for 80% of furloughed employees’ (employees on a leave of absence) usual monthly wage costs, up to £2,500 a month, plus the associated Employer National Insurance contributions and minimum automatic enrolment employer pension contributions on that wage.

Talk to us about how we can support you:

  • Identify furloughed Employees
  • Pay furloughed Employees
  • Make a claim


Covid-19 official statement

We continue to monitor the global COVID 19 (Coronavirus) situation to ensure that we are doing all that we can to protect our employees and our customers, whilst continuing to deliver the services that you rely on us for. With this in mind we wanted to communicate on the actions we have taken and plan to take, whilst also making you aware of the business continuity steps we have put in place.


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