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Facing into 2017 a key challenge for Cineworld was extending its digital leadership into the HR function by improving the experience of its digital-first workforce, 75% of which are under 25. “We needed to communicate with them in the media that they use, and that’s their phone”, says Leon Foster Hill, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Cineworld.

But that vision of a mobile-first HR solution was far from the reality of Cineworld’s many disparate HR systems. Payroll and employee Time and Attendance were manual and 90% paper-based. Accurate staff rostering, which is vital to customer satisfaction, employee work-life balance and operational performance was a mammoth task. Double keying and manual sharing of roster and rotas were the norm.

“Staff just got on with the time-consuming manual HR processes but the main issue was we didn’t have a global view of where we were and were not able to report easily and share data”, says Leon Foster Hill.

“We had no audit trails, no single source of the truth and no robust security”, he adds. This was a major issue for the group who needed a robust, low-risk, data compliant HR solution especially with the advent of GDPR.


“At the start of our journey, the main driver for engaging with HR providers was securing the payroll. But after discussions with CoreHR, we realised we could have a fully integrated system and go from roster to Time and Attendance, to pay deductions, to payment and beyond in one system. “CoreHR was the only provider we spoke to that could give us an end to end, secure cloud-based HR and Payroll solution which works on any device allowing us to transact and transform all on one platform”, says Leon Foster Hill.

Not only could CoreHR answer Cineworld’s everyday challenges, drive cost-savings and free up senior management time, the partnership with CoreHR could also help to answer strategic business challenges with real-time actionable data. The intuitive mobile solution empowered employees to manage their working lives and make quick informed decisions.

Data security is paramount given increasing compliance and legislative requirements. And because it is hosted on CoreHR’s ISO 270001 certified cloud platform, future updates and onboarding of additional solutions can be done seamlessly, future proofing their investment. Senior Cineworld Management carefully planned the roll-out in partnership with the CoreHR project manager and expert team who immersed themselves in the world of cinema to fully understand their sector-specific challenges.


The impact of CoreHR on the business has been immediate and transformative. Managers now have everything under one single sign-on. The rostering module caters for a diverse range of flexible shift patterns and provides a real-time view of staff on duty and the skills available within the workforce to drive performance and control costs.

“A task that took six hours to write a roster now takes less than 60 minutes. Holiday requests and shift swaps are automated taking no management time”, says Tom Manning, Operations Project Manager, Cineworld, adding, “it’s not very often we get the chance to hand back 5 hours to every senior manager every week.”

Over 6,500 Cineworld employees are also making the most of the self-service portal to help manage their work-life balance. The Cloud-based system handled 8,500 employee shift swaps in three months without taking up any management time. Employees can also easily clock in with their mobile, access their payslips, tax information statutory deductions and allowances on any mobile device any time of the day.

Cineworld is planning to take on additional modules for recruitment, expenses and talent and are making CoreHR a much bigger part of their overall delivery. “Bringing in recruitment is key as turnover can be high so to have it integrated into one system has to be an absolute winner. I’m expecting great time-savings once again”, says Tom Manning.

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“CoreHR was the only provider we spoke to that could give us an end to end, secure cloud-based HR and Payroll solution which works on any device allowing us to transact and transform all on one platform.”

Leon Foster Hill

Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Cineworld

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