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With 8,500 employees the university had a lot to gain by replacing their 15 year old HR system. “We outgrew our old system, we needed a one-stop shop to manage the entire employee life cycle.” said Trudy Forster, Assistant Director of Human Resources. Durham University wanted an integrated HR software solution with real-time data analytics that cut out manual processes and simplified reporting, payroll and recruitment.


In 2013, Durham University selected CoreHR as their preferred HCM solution provider. The cutting edge features and depth of functionality CoreHR offered were the best available to meet Durham’s unique requirements. “The cost was competitive but the functionality that CoreHR could deliver was the key selling point,” Trudy Forster, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Durham University.


• Better management information for better decision making
• HESA submission time savings
• Cost savings with manual processes eliminated
• More employee engagement with self-service functionality

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"With CoreHR there’s more transparency and improved accuracy of data, managers can see team details in real-time through the managers portal. Any incorrect entries are spotted immediately rather than having to wait for annual reviews”

Trudy Forster

Assistant Director of Human Resources

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