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In this fast paced industry, flexibility is a key challenge to meet customer requirements and remain cost efficient. With this in mind, in 2010, Flex Netherlands required a new rostering solution on a secure and integrated platform that could guarantee smarter rostering of the entire direct labour workforce across all business units including external agencies.


After a comprehensive selection process Flex chose CoreRoster, CoreHR’s powerful, fully automated rostering solution, as this was the most advanced rostering solution available in the market. At the time Flex were using CoreTime for time and attendance tracking and introducing CoreRoster eliminated the need to set up a new interface between the two.


• 5 days per month saving on roster creation
• Reporting reduced from days to minutes
• Accurate time & attendance data

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“CoreRoster has modernised the way we roster our employees and reduced the cumulative time spent planning work schedules by 5 days per month”

Erik van Rijswick,

Supervisor Operations Planning & Control

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