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Lake Region is a global leader in medical device manufacturing which operates out of six countries. The company was acquired by Greatbatch Inc. in 2015, and subsequently renamed Integer in 2016. The business struggled to find ways to put HR in the hands of its production floor staff, and reduce administrative duties on managers. With the help of CoreHR’s cloud solution, the company cut down reporting from four hours to just 10 minutes per week. Providing HR services to a workforce that’s on a computer or smartphone for eight hours a day is easy; making it functional for people constantly on their feet is much more challenging. It’s an issue that Lake Region, a medical device manufacturing company, realised it had to solve and engaged CoreHR to provide the solution.


Operating out of Galway and New Ross, Ireland, the company has used CoreHR since 1994 – primarily for its payroll and time and attendance functionalities, but also for the personnel and learning platforms. Anywhere from 100 to 150 production supervisors and leaders used the system every day. However, the functionality didn’t extend to hundreds of production floor employees, as they didn’t have access to individual workstations or laptops. Instead, administrators had to log all of the blue-collar employees’ holidays into the system manually – including any changes thereafter.

Time and attendance reporting was a weekly process that took four hours to complete while pay slips were distributed physically as the production team didn’t have laptops, costing HR four further hours spent on printing documents. The company knew that it could save time and money if each team member was provided touchpoint access with kiosks that leveraged the new functionalities of CoreHR – and the integration was the perfect opportunity to do so. Given that CoreHR’s time and attendance solution and learning module were heavily used, the decision to upgrade to CoreHR’s latest version, a SaaS platform, was the obvious choice

It took just three months from start to finish, thanks in large part to a dedicated HR environment testing team. “The tools we used in terms of testing were top class, and the project manager was a key part to our success,” Walsh says. “When it went live, it was seamless because we tested the environment. The business didn’t even notice the upgrade, which was a true sign of how well the project went.”


The integration and the HR-enabled kiosks have been a resounding success, putting more power in employees’ hands, streamlining HR tasks even more than before and improving employee engagement. Of course, the biggest advantage to the workforce was the ability employees have to book vacations remotely, shifting the responsibility away from the managers and saving administrators an entire working day every month.

The company was able to slash the time spent on weekly reporting from four hours to just 10 minutes with the automated reporting feature on the new CoreHR SaaS platform. Along the way, it gave managers access to insights and trends they didn’t have before, which helped improve employee engagement and reduce absenteeism even more. Furthermore, payslips are now completely digital and can be accessed via phone or kiosk. This cuts the time spent preparing them during the average pay-cycle from four hours to 30 minutes because the kiosks can support the digital self-service portals that were previously only accessible with laptops.

The SaaS version also allows the IT team to rapidly deploy new features in a safe environment, and at a lower cost. “With CoreHR’s SaaS solution, our employees have the freedom to book their own holidays and we have more time to work on pressing IT concerns,” Foley says.

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“The tools we used in terms of testing were top class, and the project manager was a key part to our success. Employees expect these functionalities, these conveniences now.”

Julie Walsh

Senior Human Resources Manager Integer

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