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Due to enormous growth, the National University of Ireland Galway had limited their service offering to employees and wanted to increase HR and Payroll efficiencies. From a technical and software compliance side, staff were limited to running on old versions of browsers and software.


Founded in 1845, the National University of Ireland Galway is ranked among the top 2% of universities in the world. With over 17,000 students and more than 3,000 staff, NUI Galway has a distinguished reputation for teaching and research excellence.

In 2015, NUI Galway implemented CoreHR’s solution suite to support growth and manage their HR and Payroll processes. To further align with the universities strategic goals, of increasing efficiencies and enabling employees to do more work in less time, NUI Galway recently upgraded to CoreHR’s latest cloud solution. Advanced functionality was the key driver behind this upgrade as they wanted to expand their service offering and be on a platform that could roll out CoreMobile. Now NUI Galway are utilising the advanced functionalities available and devolving tasks to an employee level.


• Reduced support calls by 25%
• Reduced payroll processes by 30%
• More security
• Easier accessibility for employees

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“Our support calls have reduced by 25%, freeing up the team to concentrate on more value added work”

Regina Doyle

Senior Analyst Programmer

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