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Peabody wanted a new HR system that could automate and enhance its HR processes and reduce its hardware, software and support costs, providing the best value for stakeholders and customers. Increasing efficiencies was top priority and moving to a cloud-based mobile solution meant Peabody could retire their in-house infrastructure.


Peabody, one of London’s oldest and largest housing associations, owns and manages more than 27,000 homes for 80,000 residents. As regulated, non-for-profit organisations, they are fully accountable to both stakeholders and customers, and must deliver services that are transparent, efficient and excellent value for money.

When the contract with Peabody’s incumbent HR software provider came up for renewal, the organisation saw an opportunity to improve the end user experience and increase value for its stakeholders and customers. After evaluating proposals from multiple HR technology providers, Peabody chose a cloud-based HR solution as they felt CoreHR offered the best functionality for both HR and Payroll.


• Integrated HR and Payroll
• Rapid deployment with constant support from CoreHR
• Lower admin and IT costs
• Scalable, flexible systems
• Excellent value for customers

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“CoreHR could give us best-of-breed technology for HR and payroll all as a fully integrated, cloud based offering”

Jane Cackette

HR Shared Services Manager

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