Customer Success Awards 2019

With so many HR transformation projects occurring, it’s time to celebrate your successes. The winners of this years awards have shown the commitment, passion and dedication required to successfully launch, implement or complete the digitisation of paper based, time consuming HR processes.

Whether embarking on a fast track upgrade or engaging over 2,000 employees, this year’s winners are well deserved. Read more about their stories and gain a little inspiration to assist your 2020 digitisation plans.

Award winners


This Award recognizes an HR leader who has made a substantial contribution to the success of their function and organization over the past 12 months, and is a true inspirational leader in her field.

Winner: Claire Tomlinson, JD Sports
JD Sports operate 2,400 stores and still growing across Europe, Australia, East Asia and America. Looking after change and transformation affecting over 30,000 employees globally whilst supporting an agile working environment requires a person who not only has the drive and commitment to succeed, but also the talent and experience to ensure the best decisions are taken for the workforce and business. Claire Tomlinson, Head of HR Transformation and Change at JD Sports removed paper based systems in 500 stores in 6 months and has been forging ahead with an HR digitization program ever since. A true tour de force, we feel Claire is a worthy winner of this years Excellence in HR Leadership Award.


This Award is for teams who have gone above and beyond to ensure their employees are not only communicated with, but their opinion is actively sought, valued and considered. The award could have been for a single project or for achieving and progressing a positive working environment.

Winner: Chadwicks
Chadwicks were selected as this years winners following a successful implementation of a series of employee engagement strategies. The introduction of their weekly “Thank Chadwicks, it’s Friday” email containing open courses, vacancies, wellbeing updates and company news has been a huge success, with open rates of 80%. The team have worked tirelessly to ensure all colleagues who have previously not had access to emails have the opportunity to do so by introducing kiosks in branches and the Corehr mobile app. With further kiosk roll-outs due in early 2020, it was clear to the judging panel that Chadwicks truly value their people and see employee engagement as key to their success.


This Award was a tough one to choose with so many great submissions !! The judging panel were looking for teams who have used technology to transform their business. Whether that’s the introduction of new technology or the utilization of current technology to drive new results, the focus is on an innovative approach which achieves key business goals and drives return on investment.

Winner: Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport is one of the UK’s busiest airports, employing 3200 people on a shift basis – the majority of which do not have access to a desktop or laptop. The team underwent a significant transformation from paper-based systems to an entirely paperless HR function through the introduction of Corehr’s Payroll, Recruitment, Talent, Workforce and People Management solutions. Achieving a fully engaged workforce with a 99% uptake, 80% of which access the system via mobile devices, the team are now a data led HR function who are on target to power productivity initiatives in excess of £1m pa.


This Award recognizes the significant impact a successfully implemented project has had on the business and its employees. Winners of this award have demonstrated passion, flair, commitment and grace under pressure to deliver a project on time, in full and without any downtime. This was a hugely contested award with many fantastic submissions.

Winner: Rank
Following the identification of an urgent need to change their payroll system to a 4 weekly lunar payroll, the Rank team fully implemented a new system to go live in just 6 weeks. Affecting over 6000 employees, there was much at stake, however the change went live for the new tax year and employees were paid with no issues. This is a real testimony to a superb team who showed true commitment and worked tirelessly under pressure to deliver a huge project on time whilst simultaneously undertaking their day to day roles. Huge Congrats!!


This Award is for companies and teams who have achieved outstanding results through the use of CoreHR technology. The results can be either financial or cultural but must surpass any which were projected.

Winner: University of Hertfordshire
The University of Hertfordshire has been transforming their HR processes since 2010. CoreHR modules have been gradually introduced over the years to reduce paper based systems. In 2019, the team upgraded their systems, restructured a part of their business which affected the alteration of 518 employee records and started to dig deeper to examine how they could get more efficiencies from CoreHR. The result was a series of optimisations, including the automation of bank holiday entitlement deductions for part time staff (affecting 31% of their workforce) and the bulk upload of pay increases for Visiting Lecturers which saved the team 26 working hours. The efforts of the team to perpetually review, improve and implement has resulted in a 100% uptake of online payslips, 6,000 Visiting Lecturer timesheets submitted, 30,000 leave requests submitted, and 8,000 expense claims submitted through CoreHR systems this year.


This Award recognizes organisations who have completed a successful people-focused change program with a particular focus on areas such as user adoption, employee training and communications.

Winner: Brown Thomas Arnotts
Merging businesses and employee records is never an easy task, but the team at Brown Thomas Arnotts had the unenviable job of merging two databases running on different versions of CoreHR along with a roll out of the native app for all team members. Keen to complete this before peak trading, the team had a 3 week window within which all records had to be migrated and both database systems were to be upgraded. Training, engagement and onboarding of all staff to the mobile app was also required in order to ensure rostering and HR queries over Christmas were optimised. Working as a strong team to communicate all the changes internally and ensure a successful database merge, they successfully completed the change and are now looking forward to seeing the operational efficiencies created as a result.


The winner of this Award will have demonstrated clear cost and time savings in a short period of time since the successful deployment of CoreHR products.

Winner: Permanent TSB
The Permanent TSB team recently completed its first rapid upgrade of CoreHR products. With the upgrade completed in 6 weeks, on time and with minimal issues they have already seen a significant cost saving that they can report out to their board. Not only have their 2,500 employees benefitted from an enhanced user experience, TSB have also optimised their recruitment, overtime and timesheet processing. This has encouraged the team to focus on further areas for improvement, introducing the Talent module for next year.


This Award is for businesses who have implemented CoreHR systems into the business and are now actively analysing and optimising the benefits company-wide.

Winner: The Doctors Laboratory
One of our newest customers to join the Core Family The doctors Lab has over 2000 employees and a very complex organisational structure, implementing a full Payroll and Workforce Management, Talent and Insights system within 3 months in order to deliver on an April go-live date is no easy task. Setting a success criteria of 70% employee engagement after the launch, the team well exceeded expectations with a 98% engagement and employees are reporting a huge benefit to having everything at their fingertips on the mobile app. Skepticism was high amongst some managers, however the careful, considered planning and roll-out of the system has swiftly garnered their support and the team are on target to achieve the return on their investment in 2 years, after an initial saving of over 25,000 hours in the first year.
Well Done The Doctors Lab, we are excited to see whats next!

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