New Dimension: CoreHorizon 2019

Author: Dean Forbes, CEO
Nov 5, 2019

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It’s that time of year again! No, not Christmas. We’re only just into November… But our CoreHorizon 2019 event is just around the corner! CoreHorizon is our annual customer user conference and the registrations are flooding in. We expect over 350 attendees from 100 different companies including, JD Sports, Arcadia, Manchester United Football Club and Gatwick Airport.


Tackling the multiple dimensions of HR

Every year at CoreHorizon we’ll talk about the ways we’re evolving and improving the experience for our customers by working closely with them to understand their pain points and shape the platform to fit their needs.

We’re thrilled to have recently launched our new platform, CoreHR XD, which helps companies tackle every dimension of HR including strategic alignment, operational excellence, people experience and enterprise agility. Our keynotes and sessions at CoreHorizon will delve deeper into each of these dimensions and reveal more about the future of CoreHR.

In that vein, this year’s conference theme is ‘A New Dimension’. We’ll show you practical examples of how you can build HR credibility by delivering value directly aligned with strategic objectives. How automation and transparency will help you save time and operational costs, delivering a compelling ROI. And how using our new XD platform, you can share best practice and benchmark what good looks like through outward collaboration.

What’s on the agenda?

This year’s agenda includes:

  • A product strategy presentation
  • Breakout sessions on talent, payroll and pay portal, workforce management, people management
  • An all-new ‘CoreHR Genius Bar’ where we’ll answer your most pressing questions

Of course there’s also the fan favourite – our big feature vote where we ask everyone in the audience to help us decide what feature we include in our next release.


What you’ll get from the event

We are committed to helping you deliver transactional and transformational process excellence but we want to share what’s worked well over the last 12 months. Our product managers will showcase the exciting functionality we recently delivered, the roadmap for the year ahead and help you understand how to get the most value out of your CoreHR solutions.

We want to help you shift from a tactical strategy into one of the central pillars of your organisation and we know that at the end of our day and a half together, you’ll be in a good position to do just that.


What some of our customers had to say about CoreHorizon last year

“A good chance to see upcoming functionality and become reinvested in the product.”

“An excellent, well-run event that provides an opportunity to meet the CoreHR team and other CoreHR users.”

“Very enjoyable presentations, good networking and a lovely environment.”

Guest speakers at CoreHorizon

In addition to our keynote speakers, we’re delighted to welcome a few guest speakers to the stage:


Tim Campbell MBE

Whether it be creating wealth and employment or changing the world, Tim believes that business is the catalyst of modern-day paradigmatic change. He’ll speak about how technology helps bring about that change.

Clare Tomlinson, JD Sports

As the Head of HR Transformation and Change at JD Sports, Clare has been instrumental in bringing about a strategic shift in how the HR function works in a multi-national organisation. She’ll share her experience growing with the company and finding an HR software to meet those needs.

Come along to CoreHorizon this year and get ready for hands-on demonstrations, product innovations and presentations from industry leaders. And don’t forget to take the time to network with the wider CoreHR community!

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