CoreHR unveils a new dimension of HR change management with its new XD platform

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Nov 5, 2019

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The new multi-dimensional platform is designed to deliver superior ROI and help HR drive strategic business objectives

CoreHR, the HR technology solutions provider, launched its multi-dimensional CoreHR XD platform, focused on empowering HR professionals to deliver 3x faster speed to ROI and better align the HR priorities and results with the company’s business objectives. The CoreHR XD platform includes four unified dimensions:

  • Strategic alignment – Build HR credibility by delivering value directly aligned with strategic objectives
  • Operational excellence – Deliver the most compelling ROI by saving time and operational costs through automation and transparency
  • People experience – Provide a hyper-connected experience to empower people to deliver value faster and allow HR to focus on the human touch
  • Enterprise agility – Drive organisational agility through outward collaboration, shared best practice, and unrivalled self service.

“As the demands and expectations on HR are increasing, the need to improve ROI and increase speed to value is more important than ever,” said Dean Forbes, CEO of CoreHR. “We’ve taken the robust CoreHR solution and transformed it by adding extensive capability to give it unparalleled breadth and depth. CoreHR XD uniquely allows you to master all of the dimensions of HR in one system so you can deliver ongoing value to your company and your people.”

“As the demands and expectations on HR are increasing, the need to improve ROI and increase speed to value is more important than ever”

Dean Forbes, CEO

Designed to support HR’s shift from a tactical function into one of the central pillars of an organisation, CoreHR XD answers the need for more efficient processes in a single, unified platform built to withstand the evolving needs of HR and businesses alike.

“With CoreHR XD, we are empowering the HR function to prove its value and sit on the board – where it belongs,”continued Forbes.

CHROs now have a simple way to show a complete picture of HR and operational data freeing them up to focus on strategic tasks such as identifying and nurturing future leaders and participating in the digital transformation of the business.

CoreHR launched the new platform at an invite-only event in London’s Leicester Square on Thursday where they were joined by industry leaders, partners, and customers to preview the exciting new features.

“Being hyper-connected to our customers gives us a unique perspective on current market challenges. We’ve incorporated over 90 customer-led ideas into this release alone because we know customers are at the heart of everything we do.”

Securely handling over 140 million HR micro transactions every month, CoreHR has established a strong reputation as an HR business partner of choice for leading organisations, from mid-size to enterprise.

For more information about CoreHR XD, click here.

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