CoreHR takes Leicester Square to a new dimension

Author: Gaynor Finlay, Head of Marketing
Sep 24, 2019

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When you hear the phrase ‘level up’ you probably think of advancing to the next level in a video game or perhaps gaining new skills at your job or place of work. At CoreHR, we’re constantly striving to reach the next level of HR technology – whether that’s digitising HR, integrating HR and payroll platforms or helping HR professionals get a seat at the proverbial table. So what does the next level look like?

At CoreHR, we believe HR is a multi-dimensional expertise. As the demands and expectations on HR are increasing, the need to improve ROI and increase speed to value is more important than ever. By focusing on these four dimensions, we can truly take HR to the next level:

  • Strategic alignment – Build HR credibility by delivering value directly aligned with strategic objectives
  • Operational excellence – Deliver the most compelling ROI by saving time and operational costs through automation and transparency
  • People experience – Provide a hyper-connected experience to empower people to deliver value faster and allow HR to focus on the human touch
  • Enterprise agility – Drive organisational agility through outward collaboration, shared best practice, and unrivalled self service

Premiere event unveiled

We launched our new and exciting platform, CoreHR XD at the first of its kind ‘Premiere Event’ in Leicester Square last week. The team were joined for the evening by Lucy Adams, CEO at Disruptive HR and David Wilson, CEO at Fosway Group who gave a series of insightful presentations including key trends and advice on progressing change within the industry.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, of which there was plenty, the core message was aimed at easing the burden of HR teams by transforming inefficient paper-based processes into a digital, automated and integrated system which continues to deliver on its long-standing promise of achieving meaningful ROI.

CoreHR XD platform

Building onto our unique portfolio of unified solutions aimed at automating processes such as rostering and payroll, the newly launched CoreHR XD delivers a greater breadth and depth of solutions than ever before, allowing teams to master all dimensions of HR in an unrivalled single, hyperconnected platform.

“The CoreHR XD platform is built to work together and designed to deliver the best ROI, removing the cost, time and risk associated with delivering transformational change. This platform enables you to master all dimensions of HR giving you alignment, operational excellence and ongoing agility”

Dean Forbes, CEO

CoreHR XD offers smarter HR technology which truly solves issues of inefficiency, inaccuracy and data security, facilitating productivity throughout the business via a series of innovative products built to work together – all with a consumer grade user experience.

Coming soon to the CoreHR XD platform

  • XD Hub: Benefit from the experience of customers and partners with the XD Hub, providing a location for collaborative shared best practice.
  • Learn: Learn takes care of managing minimum training requirements while also promoting the learning materials necessary to evolve talent in line with business strategy.
  • iCues: iCues turn data into meaningful information that prompts an action, ensuring targets are kept on track.
  • Analytics: Directly showcase the impact of HR on overarching company objectives with dashboards that draw a direct line between people initiatives and company goals.

All of this combined with the existing capabilities of the CoreHR XD Platform – The next level of HR tech has truly arrived.

Elated after a fantastic launch event, our thoughts move towards the start of a new future for CoreHR – one filled with excitement, innovation and passion for what we do and the industry we serve. A warm thank you to those of you who joined us. We hope you enjoyed the evening and we look forward to continuing our digital journey together.

To learn more about the suite of solutions available to you, please visit the CoreHR XD page.

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