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Fosway, Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst recently presented their findings from research into the biggest challenges facing HR teams in 2020.


of professionals surveyed cited “increasing organisation performance & profitability” as a major challenge facing their business.


of executives were dissatisfied with the quality of analytics produced by HR.

HR priorities are misaligned with business priorities

of HR professionals

cite employee performance improvements as an area of importance for their department.

It’s not all bad news…
of surveyors

expected the investment in HR tech and innovation to increase.

When do you think the impacts of automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and/or robotics will become truly significant for your workforce?

Despite the clear awareness of how technology will impact the workforce


of HR professionals surveyed felt that their current HR systems were not ready for the modern workforce.

The top five drivers for

changing HR systems:

Quality of end-user experience

Lack of business agility and flexibility

Lack of analytics

Level of innovation

Enhanced self-service tools

To be ready to face the future and align themselves more closely with business goals, HR teams need to invest in technology to digitise their operations.

The successful implementation of HR technology will not only support organisations, it will also prepare them for the increasing demands of a more modern workforce.


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