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CoreHR provides a fully integrated HR software for all your global HCM and Payroll needs. Delivered on the world's most secure platform, CoreHR transforms how businesses operate by managing all strategic and transactional HR processes allowing you to focus on your most important asset - your people.

Rostering Software

Expense Management Software

People Management

CoreHR’s People Management solution provides you with all the tools you need to streamline HR administration. Empower employees and drive engagement across the business to ensure accurate data using mobile self-service tools, gamification and social interaction.

By reducing the admin burden on your HR department in areas such as post management, contract management, discipline details, medical information etc. your HR team can focus on transformational HR. CorePersonnel has full workflow capabilities, resulting in better process control.

Workforce Management

CoreHR provides a robust, scalable and proven Workforce Management solution that transforms how organisation’s manage and sustain a productive, cost-effective and happy global workforce. Easily collect, track, and manage employee time and attendance and Auto Roster at the click of a button to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

If you are still working off spreadsheets the answer to all your workforce management problems is mobile-enabled, real-time rostering software solutions that help you to contact all available replacement staff immediately at the touch of a smartphone.

Talent Management

CoreHR’s Talent Management solution puts employees at the heart of your business process. A powerful Cloud solution, CoreTalent enables Managers easily identify top talent, develop employees skills and measure and reward performance, driving a motivated and high performing workforce.

You can align your employee’s objectives to the organisation’s goals and provide the tools your staff need to develop and succeed.

Payroll Software

CorePay transforms how employees experience payroll by providing time-saving, data-crunching features such as; real time analytics, self-service and mobile friendly screens enabling you to be compliant even when you’re on the move. Making sure staff get paid on time, every time has never been easier.  

With CoreHR payroll is a simple two-step process with a user friendly, intuitive interface with a focus on User Experience (UX). Allow employee’s access their payslips, P60s, statutory deductions and allowances on any mobile device.

Compensation & Benefits

CoreHR’s Compensation and Benefits solution provides organisations with a powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent. The solution guides employees to focus on enhancing individual, team and overall business performance with features such as broad-based incentive/bonus programs linked to performance.

With CoreHR self-service technology, each employee has their own personal profile. Employees can view, update or edit their own benefits whenever they wish to do so. Allowing HR to get real-time insights into how their organisation measures up when it comes to compensations plans.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Provide your new hires with an engaging onboarding experience from the get go! Their personal dashboard will empower them to input personal information from bank details to next of kin, while providing them with all the training videos, team structures and checklists to ensure a productive first day.

CoreRecruit automates the staff requisition creation, management, and approval process on a single dashboard.

Employee Engagement

CoreHR understand the importance of designing, implementing and supporting financial solutions

Why CoreHR for Financial Services

  • CoreHR manages even the most complex challenges for organisations at high volume; for example one which pays 120,000 employees weekly; with organisations who have to provide complex payrolls, such as one which rosters over 45,000 employees across their UK branches with a payroll accuracy rate of over 99,8%; and an established customer base which includes both a tax authority and a financial regulator.

With CoreHR it’s easy to:

  • Introduce a secure and simple way of working on the latest digital channels
  • Ensure Payroll efficiencies are streamlined alongside your evolving workforce management practices using the truly integrated nature of CorePay
  • Manage your global financial services workforce and drive employee engagement throughout the organisation with CoreHR’s Mobile and Self-Service technology
  • Quickly create accurate reports and dashboards thereby achieving one view of your organisation, on a single platform
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Fashion moves fast and so do we.
CoreHR for Retail.

Why CoreHR for Retail

  • CoreHR delivers world class HCM and Payroll solutions to over 22% of the British High Street, allowing their HR teams to move as fast as the business. CoreHR enables leading fashion and retail global brands such as Primark, Burberry, Bvlgari and Christian Dior transform their HR, payroll, time & attendance and workforce planning functions to let them focus on what they do best, providing world class services to their customers.

With CoreHR it’s easy to:

  • Find and hire great people from all over the world with CoreRecruit
  • Attract, nurture and retain your top talent with mobile talent management.
  • Ensure the right number of people are working in the right place at the right time with auto-rostering.
  • Support teams across multiple countries and locations with automated workflows
  • Empower their global workforce with a modern and mobile technology experience
  • Achieve a deeper insight into your workforce with real time analytics to measure performance and plan for future business needs.
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Manage the end to end employee journey on one platform.

Why CoreHR for Legal Services?

  • The legal services industry is a dynamic and fast-changing environment. With new opportunities for growth emerging, now more than ever savvy technology that allows organisations to stay ahead of the curve across areas of superior customer service and attracting and retaining the world’s top talent, is paramount for driving growth and business success.

With CoreHR it’s easy to:

  • Manage the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire, on a single, fully integrated platform
  • Streamline your processes, significantly increase profit margin, and give you more time to focus on what’s important – your people
  • Attract, hire and onboard high calibre talent to drive the success and growth of your business
  • Drive employee engagement across the business with a truly mobile solution that looks great, is easy to use and empowers your people manage their own working life's when on the go
  • Ensure security and compliance with a solution that is built on the world's most secure platform
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Transformational HR software for Higher Education

Why CoreHR for Higher Education

  • CoreHR are the partner of choice for over 86 HEI's across the UK and Ireland including Oxford University, University of Glasgow, Sheffield Hallam, University of Liverpool and many more. With over 20 years experience in the HE sector CoreHR's intuitive Cloud solutions manage the highly complex, multi-post HEI environments throughout the employee life cycle from Onboarding and Time & Attendance through to Payroll, on a single fully integrated platform.

With CoreHR it’s easy to:

  • Manage all your processes from HR, Payroll, Recruitment, Learning & Development and Talent Management on a single fully integrated system
  • Truly support multiple appointments throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Simplify annual statutory returns 
  • Attract and hire the best people from around the world
  • Devolve HR and empower employees with mobile self-service
  • Drive cost efficiencies and reduce admin and manual processes 
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Transact and Transform HR on the world's most powerful platform

Why CoreHR for Government bodies

  • CoreHR supports government leaders as they embrace a new era of HR technology with a powerful platform that transforms operational processes to deliver and sustain high-quality services to the public.

With CoreHR it's easy to

  • Collect, track, and manage employee time and attendance
  • View work schedules and action tasks such as shift changes and leave request at any time and on any device
  • Produce optimal rosters quickly and easily, based on the unique department, service, location, season or business needs or conditions
  • Avoid expensive resources and unnecessary staff overtime costs
  • Gain a real insight into your global workforce for accurate workforce planning
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Redefining HR processes for Healthcare with next generation technology

Why CoreHR for Healthcare

  • CoreHR is a partner of innovation for Healthcare organisations globally providing HCM technology that transforms operation models to enable higher performance and health care results. CoreHR supports the 24/7 nature of the healthcare industry with a fully mobile and truly integrated solution that drives employee engagement and provides managers with the deep insights they need to make fast and accurate decisions to drive the success of the business.

With CoreHR it's easy to:

  • Provide your employees with the tools they need to develop, improve and succeed for a motivated and dynamic workforce
  • Avoid expensive resources and unnecessary staff overtime costs
  • Plan for the future with powerful reports and actionable data that is easy to understand
  • Ensure legislative compliance such as EU Working Time Directive
  • Quickly create accurate reports, access dashboard views and achieve ‘one view of the organisation’
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Transacting the now & transforming the future. CoreHR for Leisure.

Why CoreHR for Leisure

  • Like all industries Leisure faces continual challenges. In addition to tax, licensing and regulation, operators are seeking better ways of using technology to mitigate increased operational costs and improve workforce efficiencies. CoreHR delivers an integrated HR, Payroll, Recruitment, Workforce, and Talent Management solution that allow organisations to streamline all their HR processes, improve operational efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs.

With CoreHR it's easy to:

  • Streamline end to end operations across the employee lifecycle, from hire to retire
  • Ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time in a cost effective manner 
  • Allow employees to accept or decline shift requests from managers on any device anytime, anywhere.
  • Drive employee engagement for your diverse workforce with a truly mobile experience
  • Attract, hire and retaining the worlds best talent
  • Achieve governance with a fully integrated global payroll operations
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Global HCM and Payroll technology for process transformation

Why CoreHR for Manufacturing

  • CoreHR supports the competitive global environment that manufacturers operate in with a powerful and scalable HCM platform. With an ever-changing marketplace organisations need to attract and retain great talent and redistribute people and activities whenever necessary to gain a competitive edge. With CoreHR’s fully integrated solution you can empower and enrich your employees working lives with next generation mobile technology.

With CoreHR it's easy to

  • Ensure the right number of people, with the required skills are working at the right time
  • Automate Time and Attendance management for employees with full Payroll integration
  • Drive cost efficiencies and reduce admin and manual processes 
  • Provide employees with a mobile experience that ensures they are engaged with the business no matter where they are located
  • Gives your workforce the ability to easily manage their working lives when on the go
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