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Why CoreHR for Transportation?

Among the many challenges organisations competing in the transportation sector face, the task of getting the right people, in the right place, at the right time is an absolute priority. It’s a complex one, and one that requires a variety of areas of the organisation to work in tandem. CoreHR works together with leading transportation organisations to help them master this task and in the process, deliver a high-performance workforce, significant time and cost savings and increased employee engagement across the organisation.

From Workforce Management solutions that will revolutionise your 24/7 rostering and emergency cover processes, to International Payroll solutions that will deliver huge time savings and increases in efficiency across your entire Payroll function, to Mobile Self-Service solutions that will empower and engage your employees with the ability to access their data and organise their working lives on the go, CoreHR delivers rapid cost savings and business benefits that are the catalyst for success in the Transportation sector.

Smart Rostering - Reduce overtime costs and deliver efficient and flexible rostering solutions that meet your changing business demands and caters for a diverse range of flexible shift patterns

Time & Attendance - Accurately track and manage employee time and attendance and easily integrate with HR and Payroll

Real-Time Analytics - A single view of your entire organisation with real-time analytics that enable faster and better decision making

Payroll - A powerful, fully integrated payroll solution allows you process your payroll from a single, user-friendly dashboard

Mobile Self-Service – Enable a mobile workforce and drive employee engagement with a powerful mobile functionality that allows employees manage their working lives any time, anywhere

Key Features

Some features of Transportation

Workforce Management

CoreHR provides a robust, scalable and proven Workforce Management solution that transforms how organisation’s manage and sustain a productive, cost-effective and happy global workforce. CoreHR’s powerful Cloud solution comprises rostering, absence management, time capture and attendance capabilities, all on a single, fully integrated platform.

Mobile Self-Service

Enable a mobile workforce and give employees the ability to access payslips, request leave, manage their rotas and much more with CoreHR's powerful mobile self-service functionality. Drive engagement and communication right across the organisation by giving employees anytime, anywhere access to the HR and Payroll function.

Online Recruitment

Manage the entire recruitment process from requisition to onboarding on a fully integrated platform. CoreHR's online Recruitment solution is packed with functionality so you can attract, hire and onboard the world’s top talent, driving the success and growth of your business.


Manage all your paygroups across a global organisation from a single, easy to use dashboard and simplify the payroll process into 3 convenient steps.

Real-Time Analytics

Measure performance and plan for future of the business with real-time, graphical in-application analytics and drill down reporting. Deliver insights on all key areas of the organisation and empower managers and leaders to make decisions that will drive operational effectiveness.

Head of Operations

A single HR & Payroll solution that delivers efficiency and performance for your entire workforce

Happy Customers
  • “CoreHR beat the competition in every area. There was flexibility within the system that was not available with other systems. Add to that the usability of the software for internal users, and we were sold.”

    Ann Hastings, HR Operations Manager, University of Glasgow

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