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Why CoreHR for Retail?

Hungry and ambitious organisations seeking success and growth in the retail sector face a mounting list of difficult challenges. Faced with a competitive and often transient talent market, challenging rosters and mounting overtime costs and increasingly complex operational environments, companies need to be clever in an effort to outsmart and outwit the competition. With CoreHR in their corner, some of the world’s leading retail brands are doing just that!

Smart rostering solutions are sending overtime costs plummeting while they’re building highly engaged and motivated workforces through smart mobile technology that helps employees and managers take control over their working lives – from requesting leave, accessing Payroll information and managing absences, the power is in their hands. CoreHR’s innovative solutions are giving companies the edge they need to drive down costs, increase efficiencies and deliver huge growth in the retail sector.

Online Recruitment - Attract, hire and on-board the world’s top talent, driving the success and growth of your business

Smart Rostering - Reduce overtime costs and deliver efficient rostering that meets your changing demands

Workforce Management - Manage your global workforce with a single Cloud solution

Real-time analytics – A single view of your entire organisation with real-time data on your people, pay and performance for better business decisions

Time & Attendance - Accurately track and manage employee time and attendance and easily integrate with HR and Payroll

Key Features

Some features of Retail

Online Recruitment

CoreHR's online Recruitment solution is packed with functionality so you can attract, hire and on-board the world’s top talent, driving the success and growth of your business. Engage candidates with social recruiting, video interviews and an onboarding process that has them ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Mobile Self-Service

Engage your employees with powerful mobile capability that allows them to manage their work schedules, request leave, access payslips, file expenses and much, much more on the go.

Workforce Management

CoreHR provides a robust, scalable and proven Workforce Management solution that transforms how organisation’s manage and sustain a productive, cost-effective and happy global workforce. CoreHR’s powerful Cloud solution comprises of smart rostering and forecasting, time capture and attendance capabilities, and absence management all on a single, fully integrated platform.

Real-Time Analytics 

Empower managers and leaders to make better business decisions with instant access to real-time workforce and buisness data, with graphical in-application reports and drilldown capabilities.


Manage all your paygroups across a global organisation from a single, easy to use dashboard and simplify the payroll process into 3 convenient steps.

Head of Operations

Deliver an efficient and streamlined approach to managing your workforce

Happy Customers
  • “CoreHR's integrated HR and Payroll solution is already used by many leading organisations and this encouraging endorsement, along with CoreHR's like-minded approach and passion, has led to this new relationship.”

    Spokesperson, Arcadia Group, .

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