A powerful multi-dimensional HR solution

Achieve a single record of your workforce with seamless management processes on a single interface.

XD is the only platform with the strength and depth of solutions to transform HR with high tech and low touch.

Operational Excellence

Our Payroll, People Management, Workforce Management and Service solutions deliver the most compelling ROI saving time and operational costs throughout the business.

Introducing robust automation processes and self-service functionality, XD empowers employees and improves engagement. All products integrate on a single platform to reduce errors and multiply efficiencies.

The unrivalled breadth and depth of functionality our operational solutions provide will generate rock solid foundations for your business to grow.

Strategic Alignment To Business Goals

The powerful Analytics platform reports on your workforce in a language the Board demands, elevating the role and credibility of HR in the business.

Achieve data driven decisions – mapping out company objectives with real time workforce statistics to influence hiring strategies, skills gap solutions and cost benefits.

iCues instantly communicate and alert teams to suggested actions which are directly influenced by programmable key metrics, ensuring every team member is working to a common goal.

People Experience

Engage, empower and retain staff through our Recruitment, Learn and Talent solutions.

Each module integrates to provide a hyper-connected experience which inspires and supports your workforce to achieve their personal goals and deliver value faster, allowing HR to focus on the human touch.

The recruitment process is streamlined, the onboarding process is automated and employees can take control of their personal development.

The XD Hub

Share ideas or find support to generate business cases for further XD products and access templates for best practice within the XD Hub.

Our community of experts will help to continue unlocking ROI potential for your business, saving time and getting you up and running on new capabilities quickly and efficiently.

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Overcome your business challenges with a solution that delivers real value.

Speak to our
Expert Team Today

Overcome your business challenges with a solution that delivers real value.

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