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Expense Management Software Overview

For employees, managing their expenses is nothing but hassle. Reams of paper receipts, convoluted forms and long waits for remuneration cause endless annoyances and frustrations.

CoreExpense, CoreHR’s powerful and intuitive Expense Management Solution, has been designed to not only make managing and submitting expense claims a hassle-free experience, but actually help engage and motivate your employees.

CoreExpense, our expense management software, is a solution your employees will love to use. Mobile Self-Service tools allow them to easily create, capture, submit and track expense claims,

on any device and at any time, helping drive engagement across the organisation. Meanwhile, automated workflows and alert notifications ensure swift and accurate reimbursement.

Expense management becomes a fully automated process, from preparing expense reports, management approval, reimbursement and audit reporting. The elimination of painstaking paper processes alleviates the administration burden on your HR team, delivering significant cost savings and increases in data accuracy. Do your employees a favour and take the pain out of expense management with our expense management software, CoreExpense.


Employee Self-Service

CoreHR’s Expense Management Software is a solution that your employees will love to use. The mobile self-service tools will allow them to easily create, capture, submit and track expense claims, on any device, at any time. Automated workflow capabilities mean faster reimbursement times and lower costs while putting an end to paper receipts forever.

Manager Self-Service

At the click of a button managers can accept/reject or query claims submissions from any mobile device. Instant access to meaningful real time analytics and reporting ensures you adhered to budget and spend policies. CoreExpense deploys rapidly, scales seamlessly and innovates relentlessly to empower your workforce and significantly cut processing times and costs.

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Expense Management

Take the pain out of the entire expense submission process with a solution that your employees, whether they are on the road or in the office, will love to use. Watch on for CoreHR’s Expense Management solution that provides provides true mobility, allowing your global workforce to quickly create, submit and approve expenses on the go.

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Other Features

Express Mileage Submission:

CoreHR’s intuitive distance calculator is based on departure/destination locations allowing you to easily calculate mileage.

Distance Calculation:

Automatically complete your distance calculator via CoreHR’s integrated mapping technology to calculate mileage reimbursements, which streamlines the entire claims process.

Receipt Upload :

Use your mobile camera to capture and upload receipts during expense creations. Quickly and easily attach a photo from device storage Link to cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

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It's easy to...

  • Achieve an effective Expense Management process for your global workforce
  • Capture, submit and approve expense claims on any mobile device
  • Enhance employee satisfaction with faster reimbursement and payroll accuracy
  • Achieve meaningful visibility and control of all spend across your organisation with real time reporting
  • Seamlessly integrate with HR and Finance systems

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