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HR Analytics Overview

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace successful organisations need to be able to move fast, adapt quickly and respond to the latest trends both inside and outside their organisation. This is where our advanced HR Analytics Solutions can assist you, your employees and your organisation.

Businesses need access to up-to-date data on their own people and operations. But that’s much easier said than done. Pulling together data and analytics from various different sources and systems can be an extremely time-consuming and costly task, but with CoreHR's HR Analytics, you'll save hours.

CoreInsight is CoreHR’s powerful in-application reporting tool that makes it easy to report on the entire lifecycle of your employees, from hire right through to retire. Complete end-to-end reporting capabilities embedded into the CoreHR application suite make it easy to visualise, understand and act on HR Analytics and data in real time.

Make it easy for your people - employees and your HR team -to visualise, understand, and act on data in real time with CoreInsight.


Payroll Analytics

Provide management with actionable insight with Payroll Analytics. The quick and easy-to-access financial information about its biggest asset - its people. This includes graphing capability, such as dashboards that instantly show turnover by region, unscheduled time off by department, or average salary by cost centre.

Recruitment Analytics

Gain a single view of recruitment process across the organisation with real time data and analytics. Drill down by department, location or timeframe.

Talent Analytics

Drive your organisations performance with real time insight into how effectively employees are performing, and where they excel or need to develop their skills.

Workforce Management

Plan for future business needs with real-time, graphical in-application analytics and drill down reporting.

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Payroll Software

Payroll software is changing fast! User friendly, intuitive interfaces and simple processes have replaced the traditional complex back office that payroll professionals know all too well. With CoreHR's next generation functionality you can now manage your entire payroll from a single dashboard.

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Other Features

Insight on the go:

Mobile and desktop self-service allow managers and employees have secure access to their data whether in the office or on-the-go.

Chart Wizard:

CoreHR's easy to use Chart Wizard feature helps you maximise performance and efficiency by delivering real-time graphical analytics at the click of a button.

Seamless Integration:

The fully integrated nature of CoreHR, and the superior reporting capabilities, ensure you keep you constantly in control of costs and regulatory requirements.

Helen - HR Director

It's easy to...

  • Identify and monitor trends in workforce performance across a global organisation
  • Analyse employee trends by job, geography or business area
  • Enable managers to make better business decisions with anytime access to real-time data and insights
  • Identify key issues affecting workforce and business performance
  • Monitor key metrics such as monthly turnover rate, revenue per employee, employee engagement scores and more from a single, mobile-ready dashboard

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