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CorePay, CoreHR’s award-winning cloud Payroll software, is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that transforms Payroll into a simple 3-step process. From one user-friendly dashboard, you can manage all pay groups across your organisation.

As a Payroll professional you’d probably agree that Payroll is the unsung hero of most, if not all, organisations. You’d probably also agree that Payroll can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. Outdated systems, a mix of automated and manual operations, clunky back-end systems and ongoing changes in regulatory compliance have made the process a logistical minefield. The good news is; it doesn’t have to be that way.

friendly dashboard you can manage all pay groups across your organisation, while ensuring full control over payroll costs and regional regulation compliance. Our advanced Payroll software is used by leading organisations across the UK and Ireland.

CorePay fully integrates with all HR functions to deliver an efficient and streamlined process. Mobile self-service functionality increases employee engagement, improves data accuracy, and reduces the administration burden on your HR team. Transform your Payroll process with CorePay and enjoy the benefits of increased efficiencies and reduce costs across your organisation.


Payroll Dashboard

Provide your Payroll team with the control and flexibility they need to manage pay groups across your organisation, all from a single dashboard.

Manage Payroll

CorePay allows users to manage all payroll aspects from one screen. From starters, leavers and re-joiners to general maintenance, run payroll and outputs (bank, ledger, payslips, legislative etc). Plus much more!

Auto Notifications

Provide your team with auto notification alerts of all HR approved new starters/rehires, changes affecting this pay period and payroll tasks status plus much more.

Gross to Nett

Automate Gross to Nett calculations including last pay period and any previous pay period.


Provide management with actionable insight with Payroll Analytics. The quick and easy-to-access financial information about its biggest asset - its people. This includes graphing capability, such as dashboards that instantly show turnover by region, unscheduled time off by department, or average salary by cost centre.

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Payroll Software

Payroll software is changing fast! User friendly, intuitive interfaces and simple processes have replaced the traditional complex back office that payroll professionals know all too well. With CoreHR's next generation functionality you can now manage your entire payroll from a single dashboard.

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Other Features

Employee Self-Service:

Provide employees with an engaging mobile experience with anytime, anywhere access to personal items such as P60’s, P11D's, payslips and total reward statements with mobile Payroll.

Auto Notifications:

Automatic notification alert users of any task actions that are required such as changes made by HR which can be accepted by Payroll Department, pay changes affecting this pay run, key observations, plus much more!

Real Time Analytics :

Achieve a single view of payroll across your organisation at the click of a button including payroll cost, budget v actual cost, cost per employee, plus much more.

Paul - Payroll Manager

It's easy to...

  • Process your Payroll at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere
  • Simplify Payroll complexities and calculations
  • Quickly create accurate reports, access dashboard views and achieve ‘one view of the organisation’
  • Achieve governance through seamless system integration
  • Drive employee engagement right across the organisation
  • Access P60’s, P11D's, payslips and total reward statements with Payroll mobile and self-service portals

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