People Management

People Management Overview

Managing employee records across large and complex organisational structures takes up huge amounts of valuable time and resources in your HR department, leaving little opportunity to focus on driving growth and transformation.

CoreHR’s advanced People Management solution, CorePersonnel, is designed to cater for all your HR administration requirements and in turn give your HR team the time they need to focus on strategic issues and driving the business forward.


Employee Onboarding

CoreHR provides your new hire with an engaging onboarding experience before start their first day of employment. Welcome emails and training videos can be used to gather their personal information to create and complete their HR profile with data such as bank details, next of kin and agreement with company policies.

HR Admin

CoreHR allows your HR Administrators manage employee records from a single dashboard. They can quickly search for employees across your global business, update employee details from a single screen, view balances and access real time information across areas of HR efficiency and attrition rates.

Real TIme Analytics

CoreHR’s real time analytics module is powerful, yet easy to use providing your team with a highly flexible reporting solution which allows for the creation of custom and ad-hoc reports based on real time people data, all at the click of a button. Identify trends with actionable data using graphical reports, available on any mobile device.

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Communities inspire engagement and CoreHR’s community feature promotes company wide communication with features such as public, group and private conversations so your employees are constantly engaging with the business.

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Other Features

Organisational Structure:

CorePersonnel caters for multiple organisational structures and the multiple company structures that can be defined on a hierarchal basis (e.g. company, business unit, department, cost centre, etc). The visual and interactive organisational charts clearly define the organisational hierarchy and reporting lines and are available on Employee/Manager self-service.

Position Management:

An employee can hold multiple contracts/posts from any number of post profiles concurrently, each with a different reporting line. With CoreHR there is no limit to the number of concurrent or ended contracts an employee may have. Each post is created based on the organisational structure and CorePersonnel uses organisational roles to define the line mangers which will be linked to different nodes of the structure such as school or department.


CoreHR’s People Management solution provides you with the tools to streamline your HR processes and harness the data input from employees by using mobile tools, gamification and social interaction.

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It's easy to...

  • Improve data accuracy with real time entry and validation
  • Reduce HR administration costs
  • Enjoy integrated personnel, training and recruitment (back-office), creating a single source of HR information
  • Cater for your organisation’s complex or unique conditions and structures, allowing you to react quickly to change
  • Eliminate time consuming, unnecessary double entry of data on numerous disassociated systems
  • Protect your sensitive information with powerful security, control and audit features
  • Improve process control and efficiency through CorePersonnel’s extensive workflow capabilities

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