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Recruitment & Onboarding Overview

As a talent acquisition leader, you know recruitment the key to unlocking new levels of success in your business. But with global talent shortages, an increasingly diverse workforce, growing skills gaps and more and more competition for qualified talent, recruitment has never been as challenging.

CoreHR’s online recruitment and onbboarding software, CoreRecruit, delivers a fast and efficient way to source and hire great talent that will drive the success of your business. CoreRecruit is highly intuitive and packed with exciting mobile functionality, so you can streamline the entire process of identifying, recruiting and onboarding

the talent your organisation needs.

Provide your applicants and hiring managers with an engaging social recruiting experience. Candidate screening, video interviews and online feedback help your managers get the talent they need, while ensuring an engaging experience for applicants.

CoreRecruit makes it easier than ever before to hire the talent your organisation needs to grow and succeed!


Recruitment Dashboard

CoreRecruit automates the staff requisition creation, management, and approval process on a single dashboard.


Provide your hiring managers with the Social Recruiting tools they need to easily create, manage and fill vacancies. The candidate selection process is seamless with CoreHR integrating with LinkedIn and Broadbean.


Make the selection process easier by allowing HR access features such as online questionnaires, shortlist candidates based on scoring, applicant comparison, schedule video interviews right through to the job offer. Applicant processing has never been more streamlined.


Provide your new hires with an engaging onboarding experience from the get go! Their personal dashboard will empower them to input personal information from bank details to next of kin, while providing them with all the training videos, team structures and checklists to ensure a productive first day.

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Employee Onboarding

Provide your new hires with an engaging onboarding experience from the get go, and ensure they have a productive first day.

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Other Features

Business Insight:

Gain a single view of recruitment process across the organisation with real time data and analytics. Drill down by department, location or timeframe.

Applicant Tracking System:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) keeps all applicant information accessible and fully up to date, throughout the recruiting process.

Video Interview:

Video Interviews and pre- screening provide you with a flexible hiring process that enables you to effectively engage with top talent no matter where they are in the world.

Jane - Recruitment Manager

It's easy to...

  • Find and hire great people from all over the world
  • Manage the entire recruitment process from requisition to onboarding on a single, fully integrated platform
  • Enhance the hiring process with job applications through LinkedIn profiles
  • Enable a global interview panel through video interviews
  • Drive communication across the organisation with a mobile experience
  • Reduce overall recruitment costs and time to hire
  • Gain a real insight into your global workforce for accurate workforce planning

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