Addressing the Speed of Change and Adapting to New Ways of Working

Mar 23, 2020

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By James Ronksley

Enterprise Sales Director
James drives the sales performance of the Enterprise Team at CoreHR across all sectors where organisations employ over 2,500 people. His focus is on finding solutions to every day HR & Payroll needs through a mutually beneficial partnership. James’ background stretches back almost 30 years in HR & Payroll working with well-known national and international software, outsourcing and SaaS HR providers.

For those of you in generation Z – you may as well tune out now because the next 400 words will be lost on you. For the rest of you, I’m going to start with one simple statement:

If Covid-19 had hit pre-2000, the world would have come to a stand-still.

Let’s think about what that means. We’re 20 years on from the 90’s and the speed of change has been steadily increasing. The IOT, the cloud, SaaS, social media, employee engagement, employee collaboration – these are all things we take for granted and simply rely on in today’s modern world. But which of you remember life without internet? Who remembers client-server green screens? Who remembers the sound of the modem connecting to the office computer system and taking minutes for a screen to refresh? Which of you had the luxury of working from home? Before Y2K it was expensive and inconceivable to access computer systems on a mass scale outside company walls or to trust employees to work on their own time.

We would have been in a very different situation if coronavirus had hit in the 1990’s. The fax would probably still be coming through warning us all to get tested. (What’s a fax machine anyway?)

The impact the virus has had on business has been quite frightening. Our ability to trade globally and travel to distant lands is, on one hand incredible. But with great power comes great responsibility and how businesses react in the current environment is very telling.

At CoreHR we knew it was important for us and our customers to move into BCP mode quickly. The first thing we did was test every single employees’ ability to do their job from home. Could they access the systems needed to perform their role remotely, securely and without loss of functionality or performance? Could they collaborate with colleagues and could managers engage their teams remotely providing updates on how and what to do as the unfolding crisis developed?

We’re only as good as the tools in our wheelhouse and in that respect, we’re extremely lucky at CoreHR. Our CoreHR XD platform has allowed us to access employee records from anywhere using a mobile app. We have been able to communicate updates to all employees with the click of a button using the Social messaging tool and provide direct access in the XD Hub to policy and procedures for concerned employees.

Our customers have also benefited from the advancement that SaaS and Cloud technology has delivered. The headache of opening and managing connections to in-house, on-premise applications is a thing of the past. Security is taken care of as standard and resilience is built into every aspect of service. We would be facing a very different conversation if all businesses were still using CD drives to update their systems.

So in ‘glass half full’ mentality, I’m reminded that it’s only through these advancements in technology that we are fully prepared to combat all that Covid-19 has to throw at us. Let’s not take these advancements for granted, whether in business or in our personal lives. Speed and agility in today’s world make all the difference and having the right technology in place to support is the difference between waiting for a fax to come through and getting a live update from your pocket.

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