Emergency Payroll Services – A bridge over troubled waters

Apr 24, 2020

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By Martin Eade

Director of Global Outsourced Services

Martin is a highly experienced leader with over 20 years’ experience, spanning a wide range of industries including Travel, Publishing, HR & Payroll. He is responsible for the strategic alignment to ensure our Managed Payroll service compliments the CoreHR software capability and showcases the slick integration of our modules and services. Find him on Linkedin

You wouldn’t go to sea without a life jacket – so why manage your business without one?

American writer and poet William Arthur Ward once said, ‘The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.’

As we continue to navigate the choppy waters of what is slowly becoming the new normal, the focus has shifted to equipping ourselves with the right tools in our business artillery. We are collectively working to remain secure and concentrate our efforts on preventing our businesses from capsizing.

To do so we must learn to pivot around obstacles in business continuity and to ensure systems are all go. Smart software providers never miss a beat technologically and understand that even with the best intentions, the unthinkable may happen.

Everyone will agree the single biggest cardinal sin of any organisation is the failure to pay its people, and in times of financial uncertainty this fact has never been more important.

Voyaging this pandemic has highlighted an expectation of resilience and dependency that we have placed upon our payroll professionals – our unsung heroes.

So, I must ask…- You wouldn’t go to sea without a life-jacket – so why manage your business without one?

Navigating unchartered waters

Why are payroll professionals often the unsung heroes behind the business? They manage one of the most important elements of the employee lifecycle, but when it works like clockwork no one notices

The risk to organisations and their payroll teams has never been more evident and COVID-19 has effectively highlighted that a concerning number of businesses’ do not have a contingency plan in place. That is why we offer an Emergency Payroll Service – to mitigate that risk.

According to Herald Net, Companies looking for guidance on Business Continuity Planning (BCP) may turn to the financial sector. Banks are required to have plans for dealing with a variety of potential crises – from natural disasters to cyber-attacks, and yes, even pandemics. These plans ensure core business operations can continue regardless of the circumstances.

What happens to said businesses in a crash? Who will stand in and repair the ship in time for them to stay afloat?

While ensuring the safety of your staff and future proofing your business are your priorities, managing your payroll responsibilities through this crisis is still a critical item on your to-do.

The first steps to mitigating these risks is taking precautions to protect your business in the case of such an emergency. At CoreHR we can step in to act as an insurance policy to protect your business and make sure your people get paid accurately and on time.

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Our smart strategies for smooth sailing

We ensure smooth sailing by offering a Fully Managed Payroll Service or an Emergency Payroll Service to support customers that have their own in-house Payroll teams.

Compliance is our middle name. Our ISO27001 certified team is trusted with producing a whopping 1,000,000+ payslips every year, supporting 60,000 staff throughout the UK and Ireland.

At CoreHR I’m lucky to have a fantastic in-house team of extremely talented CIPP and IPASS accredited professionals aboard, ready and equipped to support our customers.

As a strategic thinker with a focus on security, to me remaining agile and prepared has been of utmost importance from day one. This means my team and I are ready to face the proverbial storm head on.

Here are three secret weapons that my team and I boast to ensure best practice:

1. Outstanding agility

We are continuously developing and evolving our talent to guarantee the highest level of technical payroll expertise.

2. Deep knowledge of the industry

We proudly boast an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge of our own software, with some of the most highly skilled professionals in the industry.

3. A customer obsessed army of experts

We under pin all of this with a laser focused commitment to deliver a great customer experience; and an impressive 98% of our customers are satisfied with our service which in my opinion speaks for itself.

Maintaining course & continuity

By using our Emergency Payroll Services payroll leaders are reassured in the knowledge that we have a whole team of payroll experts committed to delivering timely and accurate results; thus, ensuring that your people get paid on time, every time. Therefore, our emergency payroll service can remove dependency from just one or two people within an organization and eliminate any risks associated with ‘single points of exposure’.

How would your business fare out at sea?

The Managed Payroll Service can flex and scale over time to meet your changing requirements e.g. the addition of new staff, adding new companies or any other business elements prompted by changes in legislation or just the natural evolution and growth of your business.

With this in mind, it’s important to focus on strengthening your BCP, and ensuring safety during these turbulent times.

How our emergency payroll services offer a lifeline

Run payroll anywhere, anytime from a mobile device
CoreHR offers software accessible via both our native app and desktop, be sure to download it on all your mobile devices. With transportation limitations and localities issuing orders to shelter in place, increasing your access to the services you need is key.

Call on years of payroll experience when you need it most
Our teams are available as a daily resource, our experts are adept in managing both complex and bespoke requirements and are available for a consultation around the clock to help advise you on how to navigate these unprecedented challenges.

Find comfort in cruise control

At CoreHR we obsess over quality and controls – We have developed rigorous internal controls that we have embedded into our people and their processes, resulting in industry-leading accuracy rates.

We can (and do!) boast about:

  • A highly skilled CIPP & IPAS accredited Team
  • A Steady 100% CSAT rating during Covid-19

So exhale in the knowledge that your people will be paid – and it will be accurate, compliant and on time, every time.

Our team is available to offer you support around newfound challenges such as furloughing staff, managing payroll input and output and managing exceptions from afar. We offer you the peace of mind to focus your time where it’s needed.

Ultimately you submit your data to us, and we take the reins. We are the payroll experts offering our services so you can save time and concentrate on what your business does best. Find out how you can adjust your sails during the cross winds, and de-risk payroll with either emergency short-term cover or as a long-term solution here.

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