Employee journey mapping: Views on the importance of the everyday

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Oct 23, 2019

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Chief People Officer, Sharon Looney was quoted in Raconteur this week in an article that centred on employee journey mapping and how organisations can better take heed of the direct feedback and issues raised by employees.

HR leaders from across multiple industries and backgrounds contributed to the article, highlighting the valuable learnings that companies can gain in speaking to employees in order to understand the employee experience – from their first day with that employer, right through to when they leave the organisation.

In the article, Sharon states, “It’s now regarded less as a list of ‘moments in time’ along the employee life cycle and more about how the employee experience is ‘lived and felt’”. This ultimately gives employers valuable information, enabling them to transform the employee experience within their own organisations.

Tips in how to implement such a feedback loop were given along the way, including from our own Sharon Looney who is enabling this at CoreHR.

To view the full article and hear from Sharon and other industry leaders, click here.

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