HR in Education – Alleviating Funding Challenges with Digitisation

Mar 05, 2020

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HR in Education has undergone a number of major changes in the last 10 years. Government funding cuts have forced many institutions to market themselves as consultants and research labs for private sector businesses in order to raise funds. This funding is vital for colleges and universities to invest in the latest technology and facilities which attract the best lecturers and more importantly, students.

The funding cycle is a fragile one, if institutions cannot retain good, qualified staff, they run the risk of losing private sector sponsorship for research projects. If the facilities and technology lacks investment, they won’t be an attractive proposition for the lucrative International student market. With funds so pivotal to success, the pressure is on for departments to cut costs and run as efficiently as possible.

This need for high performance with reduced budgets is driving digital transformation within the sector. The average university employs over 2,500 people, managing the employee lifecycle via manual processes is not only time consuming but a cost burden which can no longer be afforded. Producing HESA and Anthea Swan compliance reports via a manual system is a lengthy process, and validating the learning programs the faculty have attended in order to support their credentials for funding, requires hours of work.


The Digital Difference

In previous years, it would not have been considered possible that HR operations would directly affect or impact funding for the education sector. However, our clients consistently provide feedback that automating HR processes within higher education have had a direct impact on the number of successful grants they achieve. Digital solutions which help support the funding ecosystem are:


Analytics & Reporting

CoreHR have worked with a number of institutions to ensure critical reports such as HESA and Anthea Swan compliance documents can be instantly generated. HR can also support individual applications for funding with analytics identifying team skills, experience and relevant learning programs they have attended. The institution’s Directors can also be supplied with an overview of their workforce, enabling strategic decisions to be made regarding growth and investment opportunities.


Recruiting the best talent

Digital-first experiences with software such as CoreHR’s Recruitment solution streamlines and improves the recruitment process, enabling higher education providers to attract and hire the best possible talent quickly. This is imperative when universities are competing for funding that is reliant upon the skills and experience of their staff. A flexible, proactive approach to recruiting and onboarding effortlessly integrates new starters into the business so they can be immediately productive.


Emphasis on faculty learning

As institutions dedicated to learning and development, it is important that all staff are able to learn and grow in order to offer students the best education experience, and private sector businesses a high quality of service. Keeping track of learning opportunities and training programs without a self-service digitised system is inefficient and frustrating for faculty members, leading to high attrition rates. With CoreHR, staff are able to view every course available to them and can maintain their own training records, updating them when they have attended external conferences, creating an extensive learning record for every employee.


Accurate Payroll

With a number of on site, off site, full time and part time lecturers, it can be difficult to ensure salaries are paid accurately and on time. CoreHR’s payroll software has been developed with leading universities to tailor it to their needs, not only ensuring accurate and timely payments but efficient and easy processing of expenses. Improving payroll procedures assists with staff retention rates and the efficiencies gained through reduced operational costs helps to re-purpose funds elsewhere in the business.

Our team work closely with a number of universities including the University of Oxford, University of Hertfordshire and Sheffield Hallam University. These lasting relationships continually teach us how our HR software is directly and positively impacting their operations and funding.

Improving staff retention rates, recruiting the best talent and providing an environment which supports learning and development enables faculty staff to successfully win funding and grants from the private sector time after time. This in turn helps to keep their institution at the top of their game, attracting high levels of student applications from all over the world.

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