Managed Payroll Services

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Secure and Compliant

The CoreHR Managed Payroll Services is ideal for businesses who need a stress-free solution to payroll processes. With over 30 years of payroll experience, our team of experts are adept at managing both complex and bespoke requirements.

Managed Payroll Services seamlessly integrates with our full suite of CoreHR solutions for a consolidated view of employee data and a clear line of sight into staff costs, relieving you of the administrative burden whilst ensuring 100% payroll accuracy every time.

Our team produce 840,000 payslips every year, supporting over 55,000 staff across the UK and Ireland

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Banking and revenue returns

Fully managed

Payroll process end to end


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Key Benefits


  • Secure, superior outsourcing technology
  • Manages complex requirements
  • Dedicated support team
  • Guaranteed risk free compliance

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Managed Payroll Services


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