How CoreHR assists Premier League football clubs achieve goals

Author: Sam Buckley, Sales Manager
Oct 24, 2019

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…….and when we say goals, we mean the ones off the pitch!


They say there’s no ‘I’ in team. Whether that’s on the field or off, it takes a crowd to make every game day special. From safely guiding fans into the grounds, car parking attendants, bar staff, food vendors (and those lucky enough to experience it – the VIP lounge staff) – the list could go on. But what’s happening behind the scenes to make sure every match day kicks off without a hitch?

Like many of our clients, back-office functions within football clubs can be a little outdated. This generates a considerable burden not just on HR but also on sector managers around the venue and payroll teams, all of whom are battling with paper-based systems or multiple software programs in the bid to ensure key events are adequately staffed and the employees who make these events possible are paid correctly.

The challenge for most venues when operating with disjointed or outdated systems, is that they have to employ more staff than they need in order to cover any rostering errors. Keen to minimise any incidents, the FA will fine a venue if they are understaffed so there is a tendency to over schedule staff on match days and events, preferring higher staffing costs to the financial penalties imposed by the FA for non-compliance.


Managers can save up to 95% of time rostering

Through rostering, people management, time and attendance and payroll services, Premier League clubs can manage their teams on a single unified platform. Our Workforce Management system effortlessly rosters individuals and maps them to meet match day requirements – ensuring staff are scheduled to the right place at the right time to meet the volume and needs of visitors.

Event Operations Managers can instantly view staffing numbers on each shift and move employees from one area to another via the mobile application which captures and reports on employee locations – highlighting areas which may be over or understaffed.

Roster employees in accordance with their skill level, making sure that the VIP lounge is supported by staff with silver service skills and retail outlets are manned with individuals who are till trained. The result is a much improved experience for football fans, a reduction of time spent on administration by team managers and a significant cost saving for the clubs.


Empowering employees on-the-go

The Workforce Management system is not only streamlining rostering, but it is empowering staff to swap shifts, request holidays, report absenteeism and receive clear communication regarding their hours of work from their mobile phones, providing a full time and attendance service.

Reducing ambiguity, improving absenteeism, lowering staffing costs – what else can it do? Line managers no longer have to pull tedious reports and instead get instant updates on shift changes. Payroll departments can get a clear and accurate view of the hours every employee has worked. And by integrating Workforce Management into Payroll, salary discrepancies which are often rife in event operations are dramatically reduced. Who doesn’t want the right pay on the right day?


Delivering results on and off the pitch

We’ve shown how some of our clients are driving value through working with us. Football Clubs across the Premier League are now meeting their own business goals off the pitch as a result of working with CoreHR. The single unified platform brings multiple elements of stewarding systems for clocking in, rostering, payroll systems and HR systems together like never before, resulting in improved visitor experience, employee satisfaction, workforce clarity and drives value back into the business.

Whilst the results of a football match between any two Premier League clubs may be unpredictable, CoreHR ensures off-pitch activities do not result in an own-goal.

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